We looked down to make sure we could get out of there. I looked at Luigi first and then nodded my head. I carried Rita on my back, since she couldn't stand or walk because of the pain she was feeling. Luigi slowly opened the door, and then he peeked inside. He raised his one hand to me when he saw that there wasn't a single zombie there, so we slowly walked down the stairs. I just follow Luigi's every step while he carefully observes the whole surroundings. He stopped for a moment when we reached the first floor. He slowly walked towards the living room, and then he turned to me to say that we can go out of there. Furthermore, he went out the door first, and I followed while Rita was on my back and covered her mouth with one of her hands. When we stepped outside, Luigi took the shovel that was close to him, and it looked like he was going to use that as a weapon to fight the zombies. We saw how much they chase Simon, running from the roofs of houses. With the number of zombies chasing
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