Chapter 233 - The Odyssey

Chapter 233 - The Odyssey

"Mister Koko allowed saying it." Said L, looking thoughtfully at Alex. He can do it himself, but every time someone's name is called a man who has entered the age of almost half a century, he will shed tears.

Count Koko's family is the most significant and only pearl miner in Uruk city. They live by relying on wealth and cultivation that has been carried out for generations.

The family was one of the first to set foot in the region and helped build the Uruk civilization. Prosperity and glory are symbols that the Count's family has always echoed until now. But in recent years, the wife he loved so much always loved playing on the beach.

So Count Koko promised to bury Nara in a place they always visited later, as well as their graves in the future. Whenever he worked across the ocean, Count Koko's wife would always be by his side.

She also has a self-managed jewelry shop and many customers from Uruk and abroad. The marriage that laste
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