A telephone on a table, Inside El Capone's main parlour, rang for a while and then stopped and the silence in the environment became absolute.

Second, later, El Capone was seen emerging with two bathe-maid, who had just bathed and dressed him.

He walked towards the phone as it start ringing again, picked it up, and muttered.

"Hello, El Capone is on the line."

"Where is her royal highness?" A female voice on the other side of the line asked.

"Not around, you can deliver your message to me."

"The foreigners will be having a party in a few hours, and they have paid for the service of twenty ladies of attendance for the night."

"Are they spending the night inside their headquarters?"

"No, they have paid for a room in different hotels around, and will be there throughout the night."

"Thank you," El Capone muttered back, disconnect the call, and instantly plunged into deep thought.

How can he abduct some of the foreigners secretly and avoid any conflict?

How he wishes Andrea is her
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