Simon and Anita

Christabel wakes up early, she reads through the books, she collected, it was good. She felt something on her neck. She quickly realized that it was Sam necklace. She lifted it up and smiled for no reason. 

she dives up quickly like she had something important. Its Saturday morning. Everyone was still asleep, being tired of the week stress. Christabel's family case was different. They have all woken up, they had a small garden to attend. All family hands must be on deck, they finished the maintenance quickly today. It usually takes them 2 hours, but this time was just an hour. Christabel made it possible, she worked like a cheetah. They had breakfast. Christabel helped her siblings with their books. After she was done she got dressed and have to leave for work, her mom already told her what they lack in the house. "Both Simon and Anita needs new books, "she said. Christabel had been in charge of Simon and Anita. Her parents provide food in the table. Her father Mr. Smith works has a Hired laborer. Her mom mrs smith runs a restaurant Business before, but it folded up. She now works has a cleaner in a library. I will walk them to the library, Christabel said rushing out of the house. 

she arrives at work early. Mr. Johnson just opened minutes ago. She greets Mr. Johnson. "Good morning sir". Morning Charitable Mr. Johnson stressing the tone. Is Sam coming today, Christabel added with a tone quiet as a whistle. no, he isn't coming. He called me yesterday. I felt bad, like a lioness who just lost her cubs. Christabel buried her head on the floor has she walked slowly to the dressing room. Why I am missing him, I can't face him for what happened yesterday. She kept thinking still someone taps her on her shoulder, it was Marcel. Hey charitable he said making a clown face. What are you doing here, charitable said being shocked. "I just came to say hi" Marcel said, leaving her. Christabel went to her duty post, for her work was boring. Does she really miss Sam this much, she continues to ask herself? After the break charitable told Mr Johnson that she will be leaving on time, she had to take her siblings to the library. Mr. Johnson granted her, Marcel wanted to tag along, but Mr. Johnson held him "we got work to do, you have to fill in for her" Mr. Johnson said before Marcel could move an inch. 

charitable got home Simon and Anita were already dress up ready to go. She took them to the library, charitable visited her mom before she went to borrow the books that Simon and Anita needs. She borrowed them and was about to go, she saw someone she recognized in the reading section area. She walked to the direction, her siblings tag along. She got close and found out it was Sam , only that he wore glasses." Sam "christabel called, Sam raise his head. "Oh christabel ", he said, getting up his seat. "What are you doing here". "I just came to borrow books for my siblings" christabel said shyly. "I thought you were the only child" Sam Swiftly said. nope, I am just the elder one. okay, that a big bodyguard you got there, Sam said facing Simon who is already in his sister front. so, what your name. My name is Simon, Simon replies before christabel could say anything. That was strange charitable thought Simon never say anything to strange let alone introducing himself.  My name is Anita. Anita replied after her brother. Nice to meet you two, Sam knelt on the floor shaking them. so, what are you reading charitable said, finally overcoming her shock. In love with a genius, Sam replied. Christabel Burst into laughed, you read this kind of stuffs, isn't that for kids. No Sam said frowning his face, it actually interested I read it to relieve my stress. (did just say stress, it is about what happened yesterday) why did I say stress, she will be thinking awkwardly? Christabel turned to leave, I should escort you, sam said closing his book on the desk. oh, I almost forget christabel said, "how is your health" you seem fine, though. " I am I bouncing, your medicine really worked".  Thank you, Bai said charitable smiled, she should get some rest, you're did not fully heal yet. I will take that into consideration, Bai said. They laughed. 

Marcel was at the entrance, he has already spotted christabel and sam. He stood at the door post for a while, watching christabel laugh at every word's Sam said. He left the building, the foodstuff he bought, he throws them in the trash can outside. He walked angrily. Sam he called repeatedly in his mind, I will deal with that boy. I can't let a poor being like him take what rightfully are mine, Christabel is mine. What do I do. He smiled, an idea just stuck in his mind. 

Bai escorted them out. I could put you through Sam said, whatever you don't understand, just notify me, I have read those books more than ten times. okay, charitable said the book competition is coming two weeks from now, this weekend is the girls' basketball competition. , I don't know how I am going to manage, the prize is huge. Don't worry, everything is going to be fine, you going to win and later thank me. Christabel laughed, see you around she said leaving. 

charitable kept smiling on the way hope, he reads romantic novels. That is strange about him, he is a shy person, but lately, he is bold and strong. "Is he your boyfriend, Anita asked pulling christabel left hands to her direction". Christabel choke on hearing that, her face turn red and her mind went far imagining what she heard to be true. She finally caught herself after minutes of silence. "Where did you learn those words, Anita, you shouldn't say that Simon hit lightly on her back. He just a strange Simon ad Swiftly. I thought Simon changed a few moments ago, I guess I was wrong. "He is no strange, he just my classmate". Anita christabel called taking a deep breath, you shouldn't say that again, where done you even learn those words. Anita buried her head on the ground, I guess she wasn't expecting those replies. What about brother Marcel she asked again, smiling this time around? He is just a friend, Simon hasty replied her. What is wrong with this two today, he Anita kept asking weird questions still we got home. 

christabel did the cooking before the family unite again, her Mom finally comes back. She looks tired and stressed out. You came early, christabel asked, being surprised by the time she came. I got a helping hand, a caregiver was in the library he, helped me. How this like christabel asked Swiftly after her replied remember how Sam looked this afternoon? He wore a cap and a face mask. Christabel walked away with let her mom finish her description. 

charitable sat on a table, under the table was a bowl of water, she placed her legs inside, this is how she normally study, the prize for this yearbook competition was triple than last year. If I could win, Anita school life will be easier still, she gets to high school. Anita is just 7 years old, Simon is 12. And if we win the girls' basketball competition too, father and Mom can finally save for my University. Her cheeks jumped up suddenly. I have to snap out of it. I have to put it into progress.

 Christabel read for several hours, still she got tired, Sam said he will give me some tips on possible questions, I should ask him. tomorrow rolls over, a like page, christabel already up, she has done all her Early morning chores, she called Sam that morning, but he didn't answer the call. He might be busy, charitable taught. Moment later, Marcel drop by. "Hey charitable, how are you" Marcel approaches hiding a present on his back. "Oh Marcel, you scared me"." what brings you here early this morning" christabel said trying to answer the question herself. Marcel stops on hearing that. "Can't I pay you a visit, or I no longer welcome here", he turns back, placing the present, he was hiding on his front and walk away. I was joking, christabel stands up, holding him on his shoulder. He turned quickly, Like he was expecting it, "ta-la-la" he said finally revealing, the gift. It was a box of chocolates and a hoodie with chocolate. Stamp on the back. "Wow chocolate, christabel said grabbing it from Marcel hands, that the only thing she hasn't stopped since childhood. Christabel open it quickly to get a taste. Marcel put the hoodie to cover her, winter is already here, you will need a new hoodie. Christabel hold it, "this is expensive, Marcel, you shouldn't have but it, she frowns her face at Marcel. "I am not returning it, never, you deserve more, Marcel said turning to another direction. Christabel laughed, "thank you, Marcel". Marcel smiled, I didn't hear you, he bends his head, facing one side of his ear closer to christabel. I said thank you, christabel said with her mouth almost reach, Marcel ears. They both burst into laughter. Anita came out, she must have heard Marcel voice "brother Mars" she said running towards him. Marcel lift her up, he throws her playing and brought her down. 

after a while Marcel went inside to greet christabel parents, he came out, christabel and Anita has almost finished the chocolate, "I can't find Simon" he said, turning to christabel direction. He is inside, christabel said, point the door. I bought a console for him, Marcel said bring in it out of his pocket. He had to hide that one, before he came in. "It looks impressive, Simon is going to love it, christabel stands up to find Simon. Simon came out of the house, almost immediately, maybe he was hiding at the door. 

hey Simon, here is what I bought for you, Marcel handed over the PSP console to Simon. I don't want it, Simon said going inside before Marcel could react. "What is wrong with Simon Marcel said facing, christabel. "I don't know" christabel said with a surprised on her face, Simon, christabel called repeatedly, but I refuse to come out. Christabel collected the game console from Marcel hands, I will keep it for him, christabel reaches for it. No, Marcel said, his attitude shows he doesn't need it.

Hours later

Marcel was setting to leave, why don't we go to that restaurant, he said. "I don't want to go anywhere today, at least not a restaurant", christabel said. Okay Marcel said leaving, see you at school.

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