so, her family is that poor, “she from George” the voice from phone, she attended Omega high school he added. Omega high school, Mrs. Anita repeated. “Yes she was there”. “Thank you for the info, I will get back to you” she cut the call. This is no coincidence, I even took sim, so he won't be able to contact anybody. She must be the one. She tried for three years to get here and now, she is ruling my plans. Sam can't marry a rat like her. It is time to put play into action. She relaxed on the couch.

I would like to make inquiries about, the student “Christabel smith”. Mr. Charles paid for her fees. "My husband" she muttered, but it was clear. yes, he paid for people who have been trying to get in through scholarship. Mrs. Anita laughed, “he always acts like that”. Miss Clara owned GIU, she and Anita had been friends for a long time, the Charles helped in her success in life. “So, why are you asking”. I wanted to pull her out of the school. Clara drop her teacup, she looked at her frie
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