A sign

“Sam, what are doing here” christabel yelled, Jesse and Rebecca went to her door, they opened the door slightly, they looked at each. “Sam” christabel called repeatedly. Jesse opened the room and Rebecca follow, they saw christabel on the bed rolling. Jesse watches her closely, she step backwards touching her heart. “Samuel” Rebecca finally stop the motion. She couldn't hold hers. Christabel finally gets up, they laughed at her, “Samuel” Rebecca said in a low tone” she faces Jesse, “No, don't go Samuel” they laughed again. Christabel use her pillow to hit them, “get out” she shouted. It morning already, she remembers not sleeping for more than a minute.

Sam looked at his clock, he sat up the whole night, he checked himself on the mirror he quickly looked away, he is going somewhere today. The gallery audition, he is going with his mom, he arrives at his mom place, she loves painting a lot, she looked at Samuel has he came down from his ride, “you shouldn't be driving this type of ca
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