Sam woke up early, he did his early morning routine. He left to the building were the head staff show him, he collected the MasterCard on the drawers. When he came back the family was already waiting for him, he greeted Mrs. Smith, Anita jumps on him. They played for a while before they had their breakfast. “We are going shopping” he looked at everyone at the table. "Shopping" christabel repeated. "Yeah" let get dressed. "We are already" christabel looked at everyone.

they arrived at Queen Victoria building. “This is big” christabel turns around. Simon's stylishly, look around. “Wow, the stairs” Anita shouted. They looked at every structure, the design, “this is magnificent” Mrs smith commented, she remembers old times. They brought numerous things. Christabel whispered to Sam “we don't need this much”, “this is too small” Sam replied, adding more. They came out the building after hours inside. The stuffs were to be delivered. Sam had other things in mind. They left for another pla
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