Chapter 53

Christabel cut the call, she was drowned out, she doses off, the next day, she wasn't sure of what to do, it was weekend and everything seems blur, she has to start preparing, she will be leaving tomorrow, coming home she thought, Rebecca and Jesse still message her, they have been asking questions. “Is the captain with you, did you guys run away together, christabel!!” Jesse usually asks. Simon has been polishing his draw skill lately, christabel sneak to Simon back, he has been drawing in a notebook, since he started school, and he doesn't show anyone. Here it goes again. Christabel behind him, she drags the notebook from his hands, Simon tries to collect, the height seems impossible for him, “woah” christabel shouted as she brought the notebook down, she scrolls through previous page, “Simon” she looked him. “What is this” Simon buried his head down. “Why are drawing a girl” she asked. Anita came to run, “she is his girlfriend” she said as she ran past them, Simon chases after her,
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