Chapter 70

They all looked at each other blankly, all this time they were more concerned with their mother's reaction and forgot about what their subjects would think.

“So what is going to be of our brothers' graves,” Miguel asked.

“It was just a toy grave brother, they were never physically buried in there,” Barrick replied.

Nephius suggested that they worry about that later what was important to them was finding a solution to how they were going to free the descendants of Ergad. They all walked back into the castle and began strategizing.

“Are we not supposed to crown you king first!? Lotus asked.

“I want to be crowned in front of my people, Prince Lotus, not in front of my brothers,” Nephius replied.

His brothers smiled, their entire lives they never associated themselves with the title of Prince but finally, they were going to be addressed by that title. It was still a victory to them even though the thought of their father not being around to witness it all hammered the back of their heads
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