Chapter Fifteen

It'd been a month. One entire fucking month since I passed on Montserrat to pursue the Godfather. Lastly, the man I needed retribution on was before me, to do with him however i wanted.

It hadn't been simple. I'd needed to devise an arrangement to acquire the Godfather's right hand man, Alacran's, trust to get entrance into their group involving Mateo as trap.

The principal work they'd caused me to do was kill Mateo to demonstrate I didn't know him from anyplace. At last, following a month, he confided in me enough to take me to see the Godfather.

I'd made a point to kill Alacran, and presently I had the Godfather available to me.


"Who the fuck are you?" The Godfather asked, still restricted in a seat in the torment room at his own home.

"You would be advised to let me go or something bad might happen… "

"Or, in all likelihood what?" I requested bluntly, then said tranquilly. "I think we both know who's making major decisions around here so you better humble your self, Godfather."

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