Chapter Sixteen

Mikhail strolled down the long street quietly, trapped in a shock of assumption. He'd journeyed a one kilometer distance subsequent to having left his vehicle by the street, a senseless decision, however he needed to attempt to have the option to stroll down the roads without surveying specific subtleties about individuals with a focal point of investigation.

He strolled by a couple, the lady snickering as the man tickled her ribs romantically, face covered in her neck.

Could he and Montse be very much like that? He trusted in this way, since God assist him when it came to with romancing, he actually had such a long way to go.

The idea made him grin, the principal certified soul-felt grin he'd had in sixteen years that wasn't incited by something Montse had said or done.

The energy appeared to be droning inside his veins in waves. He planned to begin another life, another existence with Montse, the lady he'd gone gaga for.

He passed by a ruthless battle between two men. Onlookers wait
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