Chapter Seventeen

It was one of his own firearms. He'd left it purposefully here so she would get something to safeguard herself on the off chance that there was an assault.

"I can't completely accept that I've been living with a killer this time. A similar individual who killed my dad thus numerous other blameless individuals for his own egotistical increases." She was viewing at him as though she was unable to remember him any longer.

Her learning about his personality had done precisely exact thing he'd dreaded it would do.

Mikhail could gaze back at her in shock. "What are you referring to? I didn't kill your dad."

"Be that as it may, you killed the others?" Her free hand traveled to her mouth, her eyes turning sorrowful like he'd recently admitted to his violations.

But he hadn't.

Somebody had painted him totally dark in her eyes. Her hang on the firearm relaxed while she shook her head energetically.

"I trusted it was clearly false. I supplicated the individual who told me had just been misdirect
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