Chapter Twenty

Suit and Tie; Nobody wore it better than Evan. Whenever he had a meeting, he ensured he always wore his best suits. He stood in front of the mirror and sighed heavily. The meeting with Mr. Jackson from Bank of Zambia was a very important one. He knew his mother had put a lot of faith in him. He smiled and said to himself, “I’m called Brains for a reason."

He left the house and drove to Bank of Zambia. As soon as he reached, he dialled Mr. Jackson's office number.

“Hello sir,” he said.

“Evan,” Mr. Jackson responded.

“I have arrived. Driving in right now.”


Evan got surprised.

“Why sir?”

“We are meeting at Cairo apartments. We’ll be having a brunch meeting. Meet us here at 11am.”


“Yes Evan. You’ll find us. Don’t be late,” Mr. Jackson cut the call.

Evan wondered who the third person was. Initially, the meeting was between him and Mr. Jackson. He reached Cairo apartments at exactly 11am. As expected, he found Mr. Jackson waiting for him in the lobby.

“So i was surprised when
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