Chapter Twenty Three

Kate was by her husband’s bedside. She had cried enough and was already feeling weak. She was glad he was still alive but not knowing when he would wake up broke her heart. She didn’t have much sleep, neither did she eat anything. Zamiwe came into the room and told her that there was a policeman looking for her. She declined saying she couldn’t talk to him or anyone else seeking information at the moment.

“I told you everything. Just tell him what I said. There is nothing more,” Kate said exhausted.

“Are you sure?” Zamiwe asked.



“Thanks Zamiwe.”

Kate knew Kent’s attack was no ordinary attack. Ever since he got Ludo’s manuscript, things had changed in their lives. Even though Kent didn’t tell her much, she noticed how nervous he had been. She was determined to get to the bottom of whatever was happening, but how? That remained her big, still unanswered question.

She paced around the room while looking at the unconscious Kent and tried to complete a puzzle in her head. She
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