Chapter Twenty Nine

Ludo walked to a nearby phone station and texted her father. After a while, a car pulled over and Joe came out.

“Dad,” she ran and hugged him.

“It’s alright Ludo, I’m here,” Joe led her to the car.

They reached Joe’s house which he was renting and he led her to his bedroom and told her to rest.

“How about you?” She asked.

“I’ll sleep on the couch, don’t worry,” he answered. “We can shift tomorrow, there is a two-bedroom apartment next door for rent should you decide to stay long.”

“I’ll be here for a while yea.”

“Good I’ll make arrangements,” Joe sighed. “Do you want to talk about what happened?”

“No dad,” Ludo answered.” Maybe tomorrow. ”

“Okay baby Rest now you can tell me about everything tomorrow morning.”

Ludo couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t get over the fact that her mother was behind everything that has been happening, and for what? Money. She felt betrayed. She slept at five in the morning and was awoken by her father.

“Ludo, come and see what’s on the NEWS,” Joe called her.

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