Chapter Thirty

A dark orange ford ranger 2016 was parked outside the Chief’s palace in Chisoti village. Opposite it was a white Corolla Altis. The surrounding was deserted despite being eight in the morning. Indistinct voices could be heard from outside the small respected palace but what was more apparent were the voices coming from the Chief’s office further away from the main house. Hearing the voices, one could agree that where men talked, it sounded like a fight would start.

“I still stand by my decision,” Chief Chovu said looking at the two men seated in front of him. “That land is sacred, i cannot sell it; my people won’t let me.”

The two men looked at each other. One of them sat upright and broke the silence, “Chief Chovu we respect that you respect the land more than anything. I love that in a man,” he paused, “We have been coming here for the last six months and your stance on the issue has been amazing but…..”

“What my colleague Ben here is trying to say is that,” the other man interrupte
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