Vampire heist
Vampire heist
Author: Just Another Author

A security guard walks down a long empty hallway lined with glass cases and roped off exhibits. He flashed his light left then right, and moved on. He walked out of the hall of the Dutch Lord's exhibit noticing a plaque that said "Dutch Crown, 1463" and begind it was a red velveted golden crown. It was inlaid with Diamonds, Rubies, and Emeralds. The gold was ornate, gleaming as if it had a fresh polish.

The security guard looked at the crown through the glass. "Who would want to wear that guady piece of garbage!" He said to himself not understanding glitz and bling. He knocked the glass to make sure there were no issues, then walked out of the exhibit and closed and locked the door behind him. "All clear in the dutch room" He said to a radio and walked to the next exhibit in the museum.

When his boot falls were echoing farther away, a fog began to roll into the room. It was thin at first, before it seemed to breath, and fill the entire room. Parts of the fog began to condense in front of the glass showcase holding the crown.

A long haired man stepped free. His hair was a deep brown, his eyesbrows were angled and slim. He had a kept manuicured beard on his face. His face was thin but not emaciated. His skin was a soft off white, almost blue. He looked at the crown in the glass. His eyes were a bright yellow, vibrant and vivid. His lips were thin and fine.

"My old friend, It has been too long" He said. He reached out with clawed finger tips and began to trace a circle on the glass. After the circle was complete, he tapped the glass and the circle fell inside the display. He reached in a delicately picked up the crown in his hands.

The man pulled it free, his dark cloak rustling in a non exsistant wind. His outfit seemed very old fashioned, like something out of a swashbucler movie. He pulled the crown up and then placed it on his head "Ahhhhh, Yess, now you are home where you should be" He said. He went to look at himself in one of the many mirrors that were displayed, but he growled when all he saw was the floating crown in the air. He punched the mirror and it shattered into pieces.

"How will I ever know how good I look again" He said. Bootfalls were rushing back towards the exhibit. The man looked over and snarled "Well I guess I could eat something to stave off my hanger" He said turning to the locked gate to the room. When the guard reached the gate he shown his light through it. All he saw was the empty glass case and the shattered mirror "Security, check cameras in the dutch exhibit"

He opened the gate and stepped inside. He turned his light on and looked around.

His radio echo'd over. "Frank, nothing on the camera's, but playback shows something really odd."

"Dirk, stop messing with me, are you pulling a prank again?" Frank groaned into the radio.

"Really! It is not me this time! woah! Frank, look above you" came Dirks frantic voice from the radio.

Frank moved his light up slowly in the dark room. He began checking the corners of the room. His light moved from corner to corner.

Empty corner with ornate trimming.

Empty corner with ornate trimming.

empty corner with ornate trimming and big shadow.

empty corner with ornate trimming.

Wait big shadow?! His light quickly went back to the last corner. The shadow was gone. He began to sweat. He felt the hair on the back of his neck prick up in alertness. He felt his knees began to quake with a primal fear from deep in his bones. Frank felt like a deer about to meet a wolf.

The shadow slowly lowered itself behind frank. It stood up and grew tall. Frank felt the skin on the back of his neck go cold with sweat.

Frank slowly began to turn bringing the light with him.

In the security room, Dirk was watching the cameras in earnest. He had reviewed the playback and saw the crown simply float out of the glass case, hover for a moment, and then raise up when Frank entered the room. Now he was watching Frank look around the exhibit.

He sees Frank frozen, and begin to slowly turn. Frank goes pale white shining his light behind him. "Frank what is it?!" Dirk screams into the radio.

Frank does not respond. He seems frozen in place. Dirk watches the cameras again, He sees Frank seem to lean back, his hands flailing. Then he freezes and collapses onto the floor. Blood begins to leak from his neck.

"FRANK!!!!!" Drik screams into the radio. He runs out of the office in a panic. He knew he was not supposed to leave the office, but Frank was his friend. Proceadures be damned! As Dirk ran from the room, fog began to leak into the room behind him.

The fog condenses and a black dressed pale skinned woman with dark black hair appears. Black gloves hands work quickly on the security panel. The videos of the crown and frank began to get deleted one after the other. "Dammit Adriaen, always leaving a mess for me to clean up" The woman lamented. She watched the progress bars till all showed complete. He thin eyes with dark red pupils showed mirth in them as she licked across full lush red lips. "You did not leave any for me" she said and then became one with the fog again. The fog slowly rolled away till the office was once again empty. All the recordings of the crown deleted forever.

Dirk ran through the halls quickly. His boots were clomping non stop making echos He slid around the corner of the dutch exhibit. He saw Frank laying on the ground limp, blood pooling around his head. "FRANK!!!!" Dirk yelled and then ran forward slidding to his knees next to him. He picked Frank up onto his lap and found the source of the blood. He quickly pressed his hand over the puncture wounds to his neck.

"Hold on buddy! it will be ok!" Dirk picked up his radio and called emergency services.

As Dirk looked up to shout for help, he met a pair of glowing golden eyes. He froze mid breath.

"Sleep, forget what you saw tonight, your friend was hurt by a faulty glass case." Dirk then fell over, his hand still clamped on Franks neck.

When the ambulance and emergency services stormed into the musuem, news crews were hot on their tails. The emergency techs found Dirk holding Franks neck, both of them laying in a pool of blood. Frank was quickly taken onto a stretcher and given first aid. Dirk was also pulled onto a stretcher, they were searching him for injuries while they rushed them both to the hospital.

Police officers were pouring into the museum followed by a pair of detectives. The older, shorter of the two detectives had a very thick five o clock shadow. His dusty coat was down to his ankles and looked to be a light tan, but stains and fadding had produced a more mottled brown. He worse a worn white button down, and worn black slacks over used and abused brown leather loafers. "Whew" he whistled "Looks like we have a robbery on our hands" He said looking over to the cut open case where there was no crown as the exhibit said their should be.

The younger, more gung ho of the two was looking at the pool of blood. "Curious, an arterial bleed would have produced far more spray than this" He had thin glasses, slicked back blonde hair, blue eyes, and a fresh dark leather duster. His shirt was a fine pressed white brand name, and his pants were pressed and clean black branded slacks. He was wearing a polished pair of black dress shoes.

He pushed his glasses up his nose while looking at the blood pool. The older answered him "It seems the guard had puncture wounds to the vein in his neck, not the artery" He had spoken to the emt's on their way out.

"The vein? why would you try and kill someone with the vein?!" The younger answered him.

"Paul, who says they were trying to kill the guard?" The older of the two said.

Paul smirked. "My first deduction is that the guard caught the robber in the process, and the robber cut his neck to get away. Ashame the robber is sloppy and missed his artery. Why, what do you think Happened Gerry?" He turned looking at the older man who was curiously looking at the case.

"No Alarms, surgical cut. No glass shards, no foot prints. I bet if we check the cameras there will be no footage either." Gerry was saying looking over the case. He then looked to the other cases in the room. All of them had treasures he would have picked to be way more valuable than some unknown lords crown.

"Why this piece?" Gerry was asking himself.

Paul pulled out his phone as it rang. "Gerry, the guards have made it to the hospital and are both stable" He said after a brief conversation.

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