A beautiful woman

The smell of delicious food reached Rodney and his stomach growled immediately. He had not eaten proper food since lunch the day before. Since he had been unemployed, he had been doing odd jobs here and there which helped him earn money which was barely enough to provide for his and his mother’s needs.

Even her work as a maid did not bring in much so sometTheimes he would sacrifice for his mother’s sake. He would lie to her that he’d eaten before coming home. His stomach was used to it. The smell was enticing and Rodney wanted to go to the source but he remembered the manners his mother had told him. Although the owner of the house was his father, he was still very much a guest.

A rap song started playing on his vibrating phone. Removing it from his pocket, Rodney saw that it was his best friend Harvey. He looked around the room and although he could not see cameras and microphones, he didn’t want to take a risk. Rodney stood up and took quick strides out of the room and into the foyer. He opened the main door and stepped out. There were two guards on both sides of the door.

There were others in several spots on the compound, lounging around and chatting. He went farthest from any of them. By now the phone had stopped ringing. Rodney dialled the number.

“Man, are you alive? Heard from Roe that some goons kidnapped you and your mom.”

“Yeah, that happened. That was us not anyone. My father.”

“I thought your mom didn’t know who it was.”

“Apparently she did, but he is some sort of criminal. Which reminds me. I don’t know the dude’s name.”

“So why take you now after all these years.”

“He’s dying and needs a kidney transplant.”

“Surely you will not give yours to him.”

“Of course not. I want to rob him and escape to another state.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yep,” Rodney said then turned to walk back to the house.

That’s when he saw her.

She was a perfect 10/10 according to him. She was tall and very pretty. Her straight blonde hair framed her oval face, lips painted bright red. She had an exceptionally curved body. Her long bodycon dress emphasized her large breasts, tiny waist, and wide hips.

Rodney froze as she smiled at him before pursing her face and striding towards the door. He continued to stare at her, despite knowing it was rude. He was pretty sure the woman was older than him, but she looked so good that he didn’t care.

“Are you there?” Harvey asked.

“Man, I just saw the most beautiful woman that ever walked this earth.”

“I don’t know who she is but if she can help you forget Kali, I’m all for it.”

Rodney had been in love with his neighbour Kali since forever but she had always rejected him. When he got a job, she cozied up to him and when he lost, she was gone. Knowing how materialistic and vain she was had not stopped Rodney’s heart from wanting her. Whenever he saw her beautiful smile, his brains disappeared and he forgot every bad thing she had ever done. She knew it which was why she took advantage, was almost sure that if she heard he was the son of a millionaire, she would run to him. The most pathetic thing was that he would accept her.

Rodney stepped into the house, and the sweetest perfume reached his nose. He stood there inhaling.

“So you’re the most wanted son.”

The voice was sweet. He looked up. The beauty was bending over, her hands on the railings at the landing. She let go of the railings, and started walking down the stairs. Rodney turned in order not to stare. What if she was a married woman? Or another of his siblings?

The woman’s scent become more apparent as she came closer. She looked Rodney from head to toe then smiled. “Welcome to the family.”

Family? Shit, this was not good. Rodney was disappointed. “How are we related?”

She laughed. “Don’t worry, we are not blood related. You’re one handsome one, just like your father.”

A child ran down the stairs and the woman turned to admonish her.

“Who is this man?”

The woman just laughed before going out of the room with the little girl following. Rodney wasn’t sure what the woman’s deal was, but he had enjoyed the few moments of her attention. For most of his life, the only strikingly beautiful woman who gave him any attention was Kali but that was only when she needed him to do her a favour.

The more he thought about it, he realised that Kali had been using him because he was desperate. He started feeling angry and wanted to show her he was more than a desperate fool in love.

The doorbell rang and Rodney opened it. Two men were standing there. Behind Rodney a maid appeared. Rodney stepped back in and let the maid talk to the visitors.

“Where’s the boy.”

“This is he,” the maid pointed at Rodney. “Please come in, gentlemen.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m a clothes designer, and would like to take your measurements.”

“Okay.”  Rodney said and followed the men to the living room.

After the session, Rodney smiled as he went to the dining room to eat. He couldn’t wait to get rid of his rags and wear the cool clothes they were going to make. If his father was bribing him, he was ready for it.

Giving up his kidney for a great and comfortable life with his mother and father did not seem like a very bad idea anymore.  It was not like he was selling it to some random person. He was helping the person who had given him life. What was the point in having a kidney and living a dirt poor life where he had to go without food for days? In any case that was even unhealthier.

He opened g****e and started looking through stories of people who had donated their kidneys. Most were able to live normal lives. The ones who had it hardest were those who had been involved in illegal harvesting done on the black market. Rodney found out that was very risky.

Rodney kept thinking during the rest of the day as he played video games in the entertainment room, games he had only heard about and not even been able to play. He was beginning to warm up to the idea but he knew his mother was never going to be happy about it. Sara Nelson was a tough woman who did not back down from her word. Unfortunately for her, this was his decision to make.

Rodney was enjoying his games when the door opened and the woman from earlier walked in.

“Hey,” she said.

Rodney was lost for words. The woman was even more beautiful, had showered and changed to a short yellow dress that left nothing to the imagination. He felt the blood run to one part of him.

The lady sat next to him and started touching him. “You’re so handsome.”

It felt good, and Rodney wanted to enjoy but he remembered this desperation was why Kali had treated him like sh!t. He didn’t want to be treated like some boy at the mercy of his penis and heart.

“No,” he said, surprising himself. “I barely know you. Stop touching me like that.”

The woman sat back and raised her eyebrow. “You’re refusing all this? Your loss buddy.”

She stood up, and Rodney turned back to the television.

“You’re going to regret this,” the woman said before leaving.

Rodney sighed. What had he gotten himself into?

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