Bad history

“I told you,” Rodney said. “I’m nothing to that man. If you want revenge, get the children he loves.”

“We would, but unfortunately, they are not idiots like you. They don’t go anywhere without guards. They don’t get into taxis, and neither do they check in to cheap rundown hotels.”

“There’s the little one,” the man said.

“No, leave Lyra out of this. She is an innocent person.”

Ariadne sighed and ran a hand through her hair as she paced around the room in obvious distress. Her plans seemed to have fallen through before he even started. “The boy is right. We have no business ruining a child’s life. Marcus was that age, too. I will not touch that kid.”

“Who was Marcus and what happened to him?”

Suddenly the woman appeared next to Rodney and slapped him hard. “You are not here to ask questions about anything. And if I hear you say that name again, I swear I will kill you.”

“Calm down, darling. Let’s go upstairs and come up with a plan.”

“Wait, what if we torture him and send Alberto the v
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