Chapter 75 Tiger Bicorn
After his daggers fought automatically with the Axe Arm Mantis for about five or six minutes, the animal was apparently tired because it was slashed by the daggers a few times.

The blood oozed out of its body instantly.

“Hey, work hard, my dear daggers! Cut off its big spiny legs and then it won’t have the ability to fight against you,” yelled Tolly.

At the same time, Tolly sent more of his vital energy to the daggers, which soon got more powerful than before. They spun faster, too.

Tolly stood aside and continue to watch idly.

Every time the Axe Arm Mantis tried to lunge at him, Tolly’s daggers would imitate what it had done and block the attacks of the animal.

The longer their fight lasted, the weaker the animal became. As the Axe Arm Mantis was almost running out of its strength, Tolly suddenly pulled out his sword and employed the Snowflake Flying Flash that Luna had taught him once again.

He began to spin the sword in his hand. When some of his vital energy was driven to hi
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