Chapter 89 Expansion Pills
Yet, Justin shook his head and managed to stand to his feet again.

Shaven Head’s green hair came hitting him again. Even before he could steady himself, he fell on his knees again, spitting another mouthful of blood.

“It seems you won’t give in until you see your own coffin,” shouted Shaven Head.

“He is courting his own death, Shaven Head, just do him a favor,” sneered Kevin.

As Shaven Head sent his green hair to attack Justin again, Justin closed his eyes, thinking that he would never give up even if he died.

Before he was hit again, Tolly jumped into the fight and blocked the attack with his Golden Universe Defender.

“That’s enough!” Tolly shouted, “We lost in the second round.”

Shaven Head smiled happily and walked toward Kevin.

“Good job, Shaven Head!” said Kevin, giving up a thumbs-up.

“Kevin’s team has won the second round,” announced Mr. Brown in a loud voice, “Now the final round will be the most important one because it will determine whether Kevin can have a chance t
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