Chapter 101 Kevin Killed
“Well done!” said Cindy happily while looking at the gift before her, “But why do you want to join us?”

“Because Fanta Lord is just a bastard. He is a hypocrite. I hate him. Since Tolly McCoy, a piece of trash could be selected to study at Fanta Castle, why couldn’t I?” said Kevin, while gritting his teeth.

He clenched his fists, too. Needless to say, he betrayed the Wesilver school and wanted to work for the Altered.

Tolly got a big surprise, for he had never thought Kevin would like to join the Altered. When he cast a look at the ‘gift’ Kevin had brought to Cindy on the floor of the scarlet Saircraft, he immediately got more furious than ever before.

The ‘gift’ was no one else but Sally.

“What have you done to Sally, little bastard,” yelled Tolly to Kevin, “I want to kill you.”

“Nothing special,” Kevin replied with a wicked smile, “When she let her guard off, I suddenly gave her a blow on her shoulder. And then she just fainted.”

“You lied!” said Tolly while gritting his teeth
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