Chapter 105 Reflection Dungeon

“The best training?” asked Tolly while gaping at Ms. Harmsworth in surprise.

“Yeah, this might be of great help since you want to go to the Pole Cold Island,” said Ms. Harmsworth with a mysterious smile on her beautiful face.

“Take him there,” said Mr. Brown, “train him hard there, Ms. Harmsworth.”

“I will, Mr. Brown,” replied Ms. Harmsworth.

Turning to Tolly, she added, “Let’s go there!”

“Where am I supposed to go?” wondered Tolly. Peggy and Luna also wondered where Ms. Harmsworth wanted to take Tolly to go.

“You two can also follow us to go there,” said Ms. Harmsworth while turning to Peggy and Luna, “all of you will know when we get there.”

“Go with Ms. Harmsworth, I’m sure she’ll help me train you with the best resources,” said Mr. Brown.

Tolly, Luna, and Peggy waved Mr. Brown, their school president, goodbye, and then followed Ms. Harmsworth to go out of the VIP room.

Ms. Harmsworth led to the first floor the school building. They walked along the long corridor on the first floor
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