Traveller Of Two Worlds

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Traveller Of Two Worlds

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What will you do if you somehow were able to travel between two world?. Harem? Wealth? Power? Adventure?... Sai Mies was able to travel between two worlds Earth and Fantasma, With that ability he swore to changed his mundane life to the better. Each steps he take will bring him closer to his aim, to become the most wealthiest and powerful man in both worldsP/s The image wasn't mine, i wil take it down if asked to. :) tq. also i was invited by the GoodNovel Team to post my works here, so i guess why not. I'm not an english speaker, jusy a heads up.


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1283 chapters
"Sai, I'm only giving you a verbal warning this time….just don't do it again okay?.....". A Supervisor with an annoying face said with a condescending tone Read more
Episode 1
" Identify..". { Tough Nut }[Description: a nut that possesses a hard shell akin to an iron ball. Delicious (if you can break them, which probably not). Consuming one will grant 0.1 permanent points to Physical attributes. ]
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Episode 2
"I never thought biology would be this easy…thanks to the 8.9 intellect point, I might even be a genius now…". The number of books I've finished in the past 2 days already passed 100 books, and I remember everything in all those books. As for my physical strength, let's just say I already surpassed a normal human capacity, I can fall a 20-meter tall tree with my bare fist, and ran 100 meters in under 5 seconds, that fact alone explains how a freak I've become. My world travel abilities were also leveled up to level 3 which enable me to enlarge the radius of the affected area by 24 Meters wide, thanks to that I was able to bring my 2018 F Transit van filled with wares with me. Thankfully the forest I'm in wasn't that dense, so I managed to drive through the forest slowly, also the beast and monsters always try to stay clear from my path, probably because of the loud exhaust sound I presume. [Sir, The closes town from here are the Town of Merrina and the Town of Mekk.
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Episode 3
One Snakes Keep, Basement. 2 bandits dragging a beaten-up man coming down from the stair, the man was Baron Larson who is one of Duke Merrica's retainers that followed Duke Merrica on this failed campaign to defeat the vicious bandit groups a few weeks ago. Duke Merrica and his men were beaten up to the pulp every day since they were captured, and today was no exception but amongst the past times, Baron Larson has become the bandit's punching bag the most. The bandit wardens carry Baron Larson to the cell and throw him inside like a sack of wheat, the sound of his harsh land woke up the knights who sleeping inside. < THUDD!! > "Ughhhh...". (Baron Larson) "Larson!! animal!!...<BBAAMM!!>…aarrgghhh!!". (Duke Merrica) "Heh!....brainless nobles…how about you run that pie hole of yours some more…..come on~". (Bandit Warden) One of the bandit wardens kicks Duke Merrica on the stomach, causing the alr
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Episode 4
---Elijah An Quers & Co. POV---I already forgot how long I've become a slave, ever since my small old kingdom was defeated in the heat of wars, my own kin, my own race, my own family has thrown me under the wheel. This foolish self even willingly offers to be the sacrifice, just to save those who I once called beloved, at first I thought what I did was noble, selfless, and I as a Queen and a High Elven were supposed to do, but instead of honoring my selfless act, my own kind disowned me. Words saying I was weak, tyrant, foolish, selfish, and a harlot spreads to the whole world and this hideous rumor was spread by my own beloved.I've become a slave, sold again and again, become toys for lust or torture for anyone who bought me. I've long cursed this long life of mine!, I despise this beauty of mine!, I cursed this world!, I cursed everything!!. Each day's I hope someone will end my life yet death never come to me, 2 months ago I was sold to ano
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Episode 5
Since the bosses no longer a threat, I've thought of something to ease the slaves and ultimately increase their [Loyalty] towards me. Although, I already own the slaves but that doesn't mean I have their respect, I dislike forcing someone to work for me, to me even if they were slaves they deserve to be treated humanely. For that, all the slaves in this keep deserves some kind of a payback, a release from their humiliation and anger, they all need to gain their pride and sense of dignity as a living being. The 2 bandits downstairs shall be the object of their justification. Each dead body I passed, i throw them outside to the front courtyard. The sound of bodies slam against the ground reverberates through the whole keep, I can see the slaves at the front courtyard shook and cry to the scene, but no one shouts, in fact the look in their eyes says ( Serve you right! ). A few minutes later, I already back inside the room where Elijah An Quers room, all of them see
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Episode 6
"I want all the names that involve in these conspiracies of yours…now!..". (Elijah) Elijah shouted at Baron Larson, who's currently tied to the chair with a knife stabbed on his left knee. Read more
Episode 7
A new day has come once again, but this is the first time I slept indoors ever since arriving at Fantasma, though the bed was quite stiff and smells a little bit, overall it's quite better than sleeping in a Van. Today's plans were to address the Duke and maybe complete the main quest. After stretching my stiff body with a few simple exercises, I get out of my room (temporary). "!!!...why?...what?...". "Good Morning lord master,…I shall inform Sister Elijah, that you have awakened…". (Rafaela) "Uh…". What waits in front of my door was Rafaela, she was waiting for me. She just standing in the hallway, after saying a few words she left just like that. Then, Mina and Elijah appear, greeting me and escorting me, on our way to the kitchen, I can see all the slaves were no longer naked, all of them starts wearing clothes. But still, it wasn't good on them, it looks baggy and dirty, since they just took it from the bandits, still, it's better than going arou
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Episode 8
In the dimly lighted room, besides the steam floating from the tea and bright light from the smartphone, the room was quiet, duke's expressions have turned sour, his fist has turned sour due to his rage upon witnessing the proof of his trusted aide betrayal. "Is this real?...". (Duke Merrica) "It is,…..we weren't lying, right now, we even have the baron together with the 2 bandit leader alive in the other room…you can confirm all this by yourself if you want to...but…". (Elijah) Hearing that the bloody traitor Duke shoots up from his chair and rushes to the door, but Mina was there, obstructing him by holding the doorknob. Duke turned to Elijah with a rage expression, yet the other parties seem completely unfazed by his threatening looks. "Before you do...there's something you need to realize, we weren't doing this for free…..and this degree of occurrence deserves to be compensated….Please read on to this and sign it….after that, you are free to do wh
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Episode 9
Duke Merrica & Co. POV "Lord Duke!!... What happened?.... Are you hurt?..". (Knight-Captain Hughes)Seeing the Duke appearing back in the basement worried all 15 of the knights.

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