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All of us have darkness within. This darkness hides in the corners of our mind, until we face a triggering moment in reality. When an event brands Bartholomew Owens, it signals the end of his normally shady life - and the emergence of an entity inhuman...WARNING: Contains swearing, details of violence, nudity, self-harm and other potentially unsettling themes. Tread with care!


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51 chapters
1 - The Tragedy.
The pain didn't bother Bartholomew.Not anymore.Everyday was the same thing. He would go to school, hoping to be left alone. Then again, the forlorn look on his face that seemed to deject reality would always draw them to him. The louts, with their snobbish faces, jeering as they tackled him from out of nowhere and slammed him on one of the metal lockers. The safety locks on the locker doors would skid down the skin of his back, and he could feel the pain.But it didn't bother him. Not anymore. "Hey hey, Bartie-boy. You bought what we wanted, right?", said the guy who lifted Bart with one hand by the collar. He was already carrying Bart's full weight off the floor, and the latter could expect to be tossed aside at any given moment just for the hilarity of seeing him hit the ground.But no. Bart had something they wanted. He was aware of it.Without a word or cry for help, Bart stuffed his hand on his left pocket and thrust to
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2 - The Onlooker.
It was the usual scene for the students of Eldridge College. Seeing a fellow student forced into handing his lunch money or risk being pummeled on the face.As expected, Bartholomew Owens didn't put up a fight. He wasn't the type to stand up for himself, nor tattle about his bullies in secret. The whole thing had been going on since he started schooling there, after all.  Not a single word about it was heard from professors. No guardian ever came seeking explanation for Bart's bloodied lips or swollen cheeks the day after.To the students, Bartholomew Owens was a loner who never talked to anyone.He was a person that eeked of trouble and they didn't want to get involved with him.Worst of all - he was rumored to have killed his parents.Bart knew of the rumors. He just didn't protest to them. Dealing with the bullies is troublesome enough - having to deal with the rumors would just make his life more difficult.After the death of his pa
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3 – The Revelry.
The time Bart spent in class flew like a breeze. Perhaps, thinking about the implications of Mallory Nelson's actions towards him earlier was the cause.Bart wasn't planning on dwelling on it. He had other things to do: study, keep in touch with his uncle, and rest. He didn't have time to let this thoughts wander - even though it marked the first time anyone showed concern for him.Was it really concern?Bart shook his head and decided enough. He grabbed his bags and left the room, ignoring the stares from those who still couldn't believe a school elite laid genuine eyes on a scumbag like him. College dismissal always gave Bart enough leeway to avoid trouble. Thanks to his class schedule ending ahead of the upper-years (the bullies were a year older than him, and his seniors), Bart is easily able to bolt for home scot-free. He quickly left the school premises and walked the streets.. which were more highlighted than usual.Bart looked
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4 – The Glow.
Bart weaved past the gathering onlookers of the lunar eclipse, head lowered and staring at the ground. He didn't know what seized him to rush homeward, but he just had to get home straight away.It was almost as if, he could sense a sort of peril about to happen. In his absentmindedness, Bart collided with a person who was running his direction. He felt his head hit someone's chin, and he heard the sound of a heavy bag hitting the ground. Realizing he had inconvenienced someone, the boy straightened up to face the person he hit."I'm sorry! I wasn't looking.""I.. It's alright."It was someone who was roughly Bart's age - only that he seemed several inches taller. He had a shaved head on one side and long dark hair that grew to his eyes on the other, metal rings on his ears, and sharp blue eyes. He wore faded black clothing from the jacket, t-shirt to the baggy pants below.   <He looks like a street punk,&
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5 – The Waking.
Never did Bart imagine that he would have the pleasure of seeing his own hand being burnt to the bone.All he could remember was fainting. He could hear the sudden rush of footsteps in his direction as he hit the cold ground. His bag fell off his shoulders; there was the distinct wailing of sirens and hands lifting him up.. And then, for the first time in a while, he dreamed. He dreamed he was standing on a field of black. From the way misshapen forms lay beneath his feet like scorched grass and flowers, the place was obviously a garden before being charred into oblivion. He checked the expanse before him. There was no one else around for miles.But then he heard a creak behind his back. He slightly turned his head.A gigantic gate between two soot-ridden pillars stood in the middle of the razed land, seemingly as aged as the landscape itself. Painted scarlet with black metal rods lined up in its center, rusting and seem
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6 – The Mark.
An hour after being pressed for questions at the hospital, Bart was discharged. He waded through the flooded streets of Eldridge, umbrella over his head as the downpour continued.Bart had his uncle to thank. Despite being a no-show most of the time as a result of his photojournalism career, he was always a call away.  All it took was one call from the hospital staff for him to send money enough for several days of hospital confinement and medication - but Bart didn't have plans on staying in that ICU. Not when the doctors and his colleagues still wanted to ask him about his delusions. "...they're not delusions."Bart gripped at the umbrella handle. No matter how much they tried to warp his thinking, they couldn't convince him. He knew better than to assume everything that happened to him before fainting was a mere hallucination. The unsettling feeling from the lunar eclipse.The raging inferno that engulfed his lef
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7 – The Presence.
------------------------------------------------------"Alright. You have 2 hours to find the proper definition for the terms I listed. If I don't see a single word on your written tasks, there's gonna be hell to pay for each of you."The whole class groaned as their History professor in dull clothes and stern demeanor, Mrs. Maxine, gave them their daily activity in the college library. As expected, nearly everyone found the place as a dreary deadhole - except Bart. He always considered the library as refuge from the concerns of the outside world.That, along with the fact that none of his bullies had any interest in entering libraries.Promptly excusing herself for a smoke break, Mrs. Maxine went out the library door. It was the window that the class needed to 'divide and conquer'; some of the students went on to the isolated parts of the library to flirt around, others preferred to chatter aimlessly. Others hid their heads behind books just to doze off.
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8 – The Turn.
Walking with Mallory Nelson was, in Bart's discernment, an idyllic and unreal dream.The entire time the two were in on their way to school, Mallory didn't speak. Instead, she would give Bart subtle glances of assurance. Either she knew he was troubled and didn't want to ask about it out of respect, or she simply thought talking wasn't necessary.That being said, Bart's mind was at ease. It was as if the mere sight of her was a relief to his anxiety-stricken thoughts. He silently plodded on until the two of them caught sight of the college gate. Mallory turned to Bart on one heel, grinning amiably. "I guess I'll be heading to the other wing now.""I see." Bart slightly bowed his head. "Thank you for accompanying me up to this point." Mallory tilted her head to the side."Don't worry about it. We're schoolmates. We should get to know each other better. Bart, right?"Bart nodded."See you." Smiling, Ma
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9 – The Harrowing.
A scream tore through the calm of the hallway.A pained, disgruntled scream from the bully named Sid. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!"Sid kicked Bart aside. He flopped to the ground like a fish out of water, eyes leaking in tears and expression riddled in agony. His hands  circled tight around his leg. On that leg was the ballpoint pen Bart stabbed him with, its metallic writing end -and most of its head- buried deep within skin. Drops of blood began to leak from his pants and to the ground."FUCK- FUCK- FUCK- IT HURTS!!! YOU FUCKING SHITHEAD!! "Sid's two lackeys scrambled to their boss's side, trying to help him up. Their faces flustered into panic. Sid swatted their hands aside and continued to hold his leg, looking around to see everyone  watching them from afar gasping in fright - and eyeing him with contempt.Eyeing him as though he deserved it.Sid's trembling turned into
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10 – The Greeting.
There was always a defining factor in humanity when facing the unknown. Either they flee from the jaws of terror, or stand their ground in hopes of finding a glimmer of connection between them and the enemy. Bart could find no such 'connection' with the entity standing before him. With his wits barely keeping him from racing out of the bathroom in a screaming fit, Bart stared at the being whose visage and presence evoked the very essence of fear. Its hulking mass of muscle and scales, its body that jutted out rusted metal blades, and its eyeless countenance that had more teeth than face - all of its defining features seemed like it was a creature born straight out of Hell.He expected it would start moving. Reaching for him. Crushing him like the human bug that he is. It didn't.It stood there, staring at him with the face that didn't have eyes. Bart eyed the beast from all angles, its
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