The Joker, The Trickster, and the Magician

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The Joker, The Trickster, and the Magician

By: TheCrow Ongoing

Language: English

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Wolfram Sakimoto, an infamous criminal, was about to be executed in a secret military facility only to survive by a sudden earthquake that struck the whole world and turned it upside down. With the appearance of strange and absurdly powerful monsters, humans started their final struggle to survive this tragic calamity. Wolfram, however, found joy and not despair in this drastic change. A lunatic on the loose, without any morals to uphold, only his thirst to battle the strongest. PS: This story has a relation with RE;Hell Gate and Once Human, Now a Parasite. The Protagonist is eccentric, to say the least, so don't expect any heroic deeds. He can be a madman and a hypocrite, if that is not to your taste, then this isn't a story for you.


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18 chapters
Chapter 1 : Execution
25th September 2017.In an underground military Facility somewhere in Japan. It was situated in a restricted area where no citizen could trespass, the place was littered with hidden cameras every few meters, some buried under the earth and others at the top of thick trees. It was currently midnight but the people working inside didn't care about that as it mattered not the time of the day since they never left this place. There were several floors in this facility, each had its own workers and each specialized in something. At the deepest floor, where there were very few workers and only military soldiers were present, there were some rooms that were reinforced with steel doors and iron walls to keep whoever inside without any means of breaking out of it. The numbers of military soldiers were mind-numbing, at least a hundred was guarding the place with fully loaded rifles, god knows what they are
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Chapter 2 : Dead
WARNING! [Bleeding] effect has multiplied!WARNING! User's Health is under 10%WARNING! User's Health is under 5%...You are dead! The system is going to be revoked.... Unknown to Wolfram, with his body fallen on the ground and bound by small metallic threads, he laid in a pool of dried blood. The room was half destroyed with many soldiers lying around him, they were deader than dead. Some with missing limbs and other with smashed heads, a gory sight to behold. He was unconscious so he couldn't witness what was happening to his broken body, which was burned from the strong electricity that invaded him and burned his organs and caused nonstop bleeding, which led to his imminent death. His broken body was slowly yet surely being healed thanks to an unknown power tha
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Chapter 3 : The Hunt Begins
There were six soldier corpses in this room, Wolfram lifted them all up and searched for any cards. As he is right now, he totally believed what he read in the dark card. He was feeling extremely happy, if his guess is not wrong then all the people in the world are affected by that earthquake. The world must be in chaos right now which is why no one came to save these soldiers after such a long time. He didn't know how much he was unconscious but he guessed that it's most likely one day or two days at most. He didn't have any device so he could only guess. Fortunately, his efforts were worth it as he found four dark cards hidden under the corpses. two of these cards had the word 'Strength' on them, as for the other two, one had 'Perception' and the other had 'Speed'. Wolfram picked them all up and inspected them, he didn't know how to use them or activate them so he took out the main dark card and started tapping, trying
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Chapter 4 : Cards
After he crushed the head of the ugly goblin, Wolfram turned his attention to the first goblin. Blood was gushing unceasingly from the wound he just inflicted to it, it was quite a serious one, even his kicks caused some of its bones to break."Mhmm a frail body, you guys are no fun at all."Wolfram approached the terrified goblin, which fearfully dragged its body to a corner and stared at him with anger and dread. Wolfram uncer
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Chapter 5 : 'New Friends'
Fortunately, any corpse have a chance to drop a stat card, even if it wasn't killed by Wolfram. It all depends on luck, and on the two fighting soldiers.Three of the goblins were easily immobilized in an instant, as for the remaining ones, they managed to approach the soldiers and slash away with their swords and daggers.The soldiers weren't amateurs, they counter-attacked as they used their rifles as a weapon, clashing it wit
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Chapter 6 : Weak
The gunshots from earlier alerted not only the nearby base but the lurking enemies too. Wolfram didn't linger around any longer, he swiftly left this place as soon as he disposed of the two soldiers. He felt no remorse after what he had done, killing people had been a daily occurrence for him since a long time ago.Although a place like Earth seemed to be a peaceful world, its dark side is more than cruel. Where the law of jungle always applied, one would be afraid of being backstabbed or killed if he or she were to drop his guard for a sh
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Chapter 7 : Search
For his next fight, Wolfram decided to use his cards and see if he can take them silently and from a safe distance. He tried a few times and concluded that the range of his card is actually small, no more than 12 meters. At such a distance, the goblins would have discovered him.He hid the military knife and continued his advance inside this dark and narrow corridor. The lights were going on and off and the number of goblins seemed to have increased as Wolfram met his next group just after five minutes.This time, there were only
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Chapter 8 : Grenade
The hobgoblin didn't just stay still after it has been shot, it actually grabbed its sword with both hands and swung down, aiming not at Wolfram but at the floor. The strength behind the swing was so monstrous that the ground started shaking thus making Wolfram momentarily immobilized.The creature grasped this opportunity to step forward and swing its sword horizontally, planning to cut this puny human in two. Unfortunately, the fight wasn't going to end this quickly as the man used the shaking of the floor to fall on his back then crawl away really fast. As the hobgoblin's body was big, its attacks were slower than Wolfram's. He used this chance to open fire again since it had a lo
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Chapter 9 : Murderer
The grenade Wolfram did much more damage than expected, in fact, it changed the tides of battle. The eight soldiers lost two of their comrades had an additional two severely injured, basically, they lost fifty percent of their battle power. As for the goblins, they had overwhelming numbers so the loss of a few did nothing to them.Spells were cast and bullets were shot, the ground was dyed red from the blood of the fallen, the stench stretched all the way to Wolfram, who took a huge breath before licking his lips.Read more
Chapter 10 : The Smell of a Prey
Ten minutes passed since he killed the three soldiers yet no one came to check what happened. It seemed that survivors didn't have spare fighters to dispatch.'Fear... they refuse to leave their safe base and didn't even attempt to go to higher floors. I need to capture one alive to understand how this facility works.'Since he was always blindfolded, Wolfram doesn't know how to reach the surface. Is there a hidden elevator or just stairs? In any case, he found nothing
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