Hunters: The Prequel

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Hunters: The Prequel

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"My heritage is a strange one, my destiny even stranger. My journey is not for the faint hearted, and even my friends cannot truly be trusted. Yet I will come out on top, for I am the Supreme"Our story starts on the planet of Zandor, as a young boy realizes that his path isn't as simple as it seems. Follow Mane as he strives to understand what it means to be a Supreme, and uncover the reason why so many gods want him dead.


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702 chapters
"Grab that bastard!" There was commotion in the market square as a hooded figure jumped over a table filled with apples and sprinted towards the exit of the market square. The shout came from one of the guards who immediately proceeded to chase the figure. The running figure was seemed calm and composed as he continued to run towards the exit that had been blockaded and was chock-full of guards. The guard who shouted for his arrest was the captain of the royal guards. An elite wielder with mastery over the earth element and with a strength 'glow'. Wielders were individuals who had awakened their bloodlines and had gained a certain amount of control over an element. The captain had awakened a rank nine bloodline, a superior rank bloodline. The bloodline he awakened was that of the dark lion, a legendary creature that caused earthquakes on a whim. The glow he inherited was a strengthening glow. A glow is an ability that is obtained upon awakening one's bloodline
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Wielder Academy
Mane was currently on the second level of the school library. It had been a week since he was admitted. Classes were great and studies were fine. Since all the first years were mostly six year olds, the first three years of school was aimed at increasing their intelligence. Actual combat training and fieldwork would begin in their 4th year.  Mane was reading a book on Basic Strategies for Beginners. However he was not alone. Two 6 year olds sat across Mane's table. These six year olds were Mane's roommates. They shared the same looks and were identical twins. They were talking about the hottest topic in the kingdom- the death of Baron Coal. "It's a surprise that the Baron was killed. I mean with his intelligence and protection from the king, how could this happen", one of the six year olds stated while brushing his brown hair away from his face.  Mane looked at the boy who asked the question- John- as one would a dim-witted person.
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Who Are You?
Mane looked at the towering mountains before him and felt strangely at peace. He walked forward and sat upon a chair-shaped rock which oddly enough, was placed before the 5th mountain. He sat there for about 5 minutes listening to their whispers. He did not understand the language they spoke but he could make out some common words- Sam, hunter, gods, emperor, the eternal, asteroth and ushaki. He had no idea how he could understand those words so he reckoned that they wanted him to hear just that. Mane was a patient boy. He waited until the voices died down before he spoke. "I want to ask a question". For about 30 seconds there was no reply but Mane knew they heard and understood him so he did not speak out again. "Hehe, he wants to ask a question", spoke the voice from the 6th mountain. "Should we allow him", spoke the voice from the 9th mountain. "He should be allowed. For he is us and we are him", this time it was the voice from the 3rd mountain that spoke. Mane looked at the moun
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Levels Of Power
Are there any questions?" Mr. Aikens had just concluded the lecture for the day- Glows and their benefits- and had proclaimed himself available to answer any question. Mr. Aikens, though not the best teacher of the academy, was certainly one of the best the academy could offer. Like every good teacher out there, he wanted to ensure that none of his students left his class with any doubt hidden in the depths of their minds. Mr. Aikens sighed in frustration when he recalled the difficulty of a person becoming a wielder. Every year group had several individuals awakening their bloodlines with the average number over the years being 100 out of the five hundred students accepted into the academy. Yet the number of wielders produced by the Neces branch was a pitiful average of twenty five. This was because though one out of five students could awaken their bloodlines, the difficulty of getting a technique suitable for th
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Abelard looked curiously at the yellow haired child he had been observing for the past few weeks. Under normal circumstances he couldn't be bothered to pay attention to anyone in his class yet. After all, they were a long distance away from awakening their bloodlines to pose any physical threat. As for posing an intellectual threat, that was highly unlikely. He showed extra attention to this boy because he knew that just like him, he was one of the students who got in via a recommendation. Normally, this would not be enough to warrant his keen observation. It wasn't common knowledge but he was not a person who paid much heed to issues that were not of his concern. It was what his father told him made him mindful of the boy."Look at this picture carefully Abe. Burn it into your eyes and engrave it in your mind. When you get to the academy and you meet this boy, do not under any circumstances, offend him! It will be best if you could befriend him. If no
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First Signs Of Brilliance
Mane shivered as he replayed the recent event in his mind. "Don't think too much about it boy. We will talk after this. For now get back at that old man who calls himself your teacher." It was only now that Mane realised he was still standing with the entire class staring at him. He thought a long time had passed but it seemed that only a few seconds had passed. He was sure that Mr. Aikens had assumed that he was embarrassed and that was why he was silently standing waiting for him to compose himself. Honestly, after what he just went through he did not put this minor incident to heart. He just wanted to understand what happened. He apologized to Mr. Aikens as he prepared to sit down. As for the comment of the 1st, he just ignored it. After that experience, he felt that Mr. Aikens was much more pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately, the man did not look pleasing for too long.Mr. Aikens was terrified. For a brief moment he felt a dangerous
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"I am still waiting. Did you not promise me answers?"Mane was lying on his bed, his gaze fixed onto the ceiling of his room. At had been five hours- five hours since his class had ended. Normally, he would have paid a visit to the library after class but he had no mood for that today. He returned to the dormitory immediately after class.He wasn't alone. The soft breathing of the twins could be heard in the dark room, which had been deprived of its' lights a short ten minutes ago.This room which had two bunk beds, was originally designed to accommodate four individuals. This implied that they were missing a roommate. The twins had picked the bunk bed that was at the left side of the room, extremely close to the bathroom yet far away from the window. A window that coincidentally was at the right side of the room, where Mane's bed was.Mane was accustomed to luxury, but even he had to admit that the rooms the academy provid
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Each To Their Own Devices
"To our victory!!!"In a large hall, decorated with several articles of gold and silver were hundreds of men. The brightly lit halls made the blissful expressions on their faces visible for all to see. They all held huge cups which were filled to the brim with mead. Their eyes were transfixed on the figure that stood majestically on the huge podium. Drunk, yes, but still majestic. Just like the men and women that filled this hall, this huge imposing figure also held a huge cup, with the mead spilling over occasionally. The loud declaration came from this man. He was a large man, his imposing figure towering over most as he stood at a height of six feet and eight inches. Though he wore a loose attire, his robust image was not hidden. His arms which, were thrice the size of a regular man's, were a sight to behold and his broad chest could not be hidden by his clothes.Under regular circumstances, a man of his stature would
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Laws Of Time
"Little Mane, what you experienced was as a result of a curse." The anguished voice of the 3rd was filled with tiredness. "A curse? By who?" Mane's immature voice that was filled with shock and surprise caused the 3rd to sigh in remorse. *Sigh* "Yes, little one, a curse. As for who cast it, we do not know. We'll have to find out. Try and remember. How long did you stay in that dark space?" Mane tried to recall how long he spent in that space. Although it seemed as like a few seconds in the outside world, in his mind space it wasn't. Mane was not a weak willed brat. If it was only a few seconds he would have been able to hold on. Hell he would have been fine even if it was just an hour. Initially he thought it was his imagination but the 2nd's words caused him to think. He knew he was in that space for several hours. With each second, minute and hour being more difficult to endure
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Cronus, The Titan God of Time
"Legend states that no one knows when Cronus was born. He just came to be. It was said that when the clock of eternity was wound, upon the first stroke, Cronus appeared." "But that is not true! It's just a pile of bullsh*t to deceive children! Just like every other life form, Cronus was born. But unlike any other life form he was a great schemer! His parents were Uranus and Gaia. His father Uranus, was the ruler of heaven and his mother Gaia, was the overlord of the earth. Cronus was the youngest of the titans, born as Uranus's 12th child." Mane, just like the other mountains, listened intently to the words of the 1st. Even the 3rd who was famed to be the most knowledgeable of the nine, knew nothing about this god called Cronus. They all listened quietly, each holding their breaths like little children being told an exciting story. "However, although he was the youngest, he had the wildest ambitions. As a titan Cronus wa
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