Purity and Innocence: Marrying for Benefits

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Purity and Innocence: Marrying for Benefits

By: TheCrow Ongoing

Language: English

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Chased and beaten down by loan sharks almost on a daily basis, experiencing failed pregnancies and, last but not least, getting disowned by her family for choosing a career unfit for their 'idealism'. Her name, Lily, which symbolizes innocence and purity, no longer suits her present self…Her dignity, stomped, her lovely smile, gone. As her life was crumbling before her eyes, a secretary came up to her and said, “Come with me if you're willing to sacrifice your life for my boss…”


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7 chapters
Chapter 1 : Misery and Suicide
 “Let go of the door handle, you wench!” A grumpy short old man, who was the landlord of a shabby and run-down apartment complex, unpleasantly shouted at the woman. She refused to let go o
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Chapter 2 : Deal and New Home
“That’s not enough for a reason, though.” Lily wasn’t convinced by the presented argument and was a bit suspicious of Ron. 

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Chapter 3 : Unwelcome and False Hope
Lily didn’t get to enjoy the sight of the handsome man for more than a couple of breaths. When she locked gazes with him, Chan Hu furrowed his brows, the coldness emanating from his alluring eyes increasing by several folds. She hesitated and even
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Chapter 4 : Search and Refusal
With Ron driving, both he and his boss headed to Bell Bridge, where they suspected Lily should be. Honestly, the secretary was surprised about how his boss reacted, nevertheless, it was a pleasant surprise that he very much welcomed. “So… bo
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Chapter 5 : Reluctance and Benefits
As the CEO of a world-famous conglomerate, Chan Hu was never talked to like this, especially by strangers. The woman’s rude attitude and words made him frown and look unhappy but he swallowed his anger and said “I apologize for kicking you ou
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Chapter 6 : Clothes and Dinner
Back at home, the atmosphere remained as awkward as it had been in the car. Chan Hu and Lily didn’t talk to each other and Ron had to somewhat mediate and make the mood lighter. “Miss Lily, I’ll guide you to your room.”
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Chapter 7 : Agencies and Interview
The next day, early morning, Lily woke up after a comfortable sleep, eager to begin her new life.  Ron prepared breakfast for her and left a small note, which told her that he and Chan Hu had to leave for work. Now, left alone in this grand villa, L
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