Immortal Era's Crafting Master

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Immortal Era's Crafting Master

By: PopcornSectMaster Ongoing

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Even when one travels the path of slaughter, they cannot help but reminisce of the days when they were still young and naive. They long for the days when they can put the killing behind them and just rest in a town far away, where no one knows them and where they no longer have to deal in bloodshed. These thoughts always come as a form of longing for all whose hands are stained with untold amounts of blood.Wang Xu was just your average security guard working for a security firm. He was assigned to the group currently tasked with guarding a gaming company. Feeling curious about the allure of these games, he one day buys the gear for the newest game on the market, Immortal Era, in order to try it out. Sadly, this curiosity of his would go unsolved as he died that same evening rescuing some women from robbers. A few days later he awakens, but it wasn't Wang Xu that woke up. Instead, it was a mysterious individual from another world know as Kirou. Realizing that he didn't know where he was plus being assaulted by memories he knows aren't his, Kirou eventually comes to terms that he has now taken over the body of this youth and will now have to live as him.Feeling that this is the start of a new life for him, Kirou resolved to live this life as peacefully as possible as Wang Xu. He also decided to solve Wang Xu's curiosity by trying out the new game he bought in his stead.Follow Kirou in his journey to live a relaxing life and see how many people keep trying to get in the way of that.


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The Last Mission
Grand Desolate Continent, Country of Teng Yun, Barrier City. Currently at the mansion of the City Lord where a party was being held. Looking over all the members in attendance from a corner with a glass of wine in his hand we find an average looking man in a sharp suit. Unlike the rest of the members in the hall, this man's presence was for something else entirely. Slowly as the hour grew late we find more and more people are starting to say their farewells to the host before heading out. As he noticed his target taking their leave, the average looking man in the sharp suit finished the remainder of his wine then placed the empty glass on a nearby table before walking back to the corner he was originally in where he disappeared into the shadows as if he was never there, unseen by anyone. Outside. Currently, the average looking man was tailing his target for the evening, a man in
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It's the year 2095. Imperial City, Downtown Area. Yonmu Imperial Hospital. In a VIP room, we currently find a young man in his twenties resting on a bed with a few machines beside him making beeping sounds. This young man could not be considered as handsome but he was above average in looks. He has short, black hair and dark brown skin, signifying that he's of mixed descent. His body could not be called bulky or muscular since his body was more on the slim side but he does have some well-developed muscles underneath his hospital gown so lean would be what most people used. He was fairly tall, reaching 183cm in height, and weighed roughly 70kg. Currently, a few cords were sticking out of his arms, connected to the machines next to the bed and he was sleeping quite peacefully with no change to the peace of the room. A few minutes later, however, we find the you
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Character Creation
It's been roughly a week since Kirou left the hospital and resumed working at the Sanming Gaming Studio as Wang Xu. During this time, no one was able to notice any differences between both individuals. Granted, this was mainly because Wang Xu himself never really socialized that much with the others. Currently, Kirou was making his final round of checking for the day. It's his fifth one for the day with his partner, Shang Yin. Shang Yin was another recruit to the security detail stationed at Sanming, but unlike Wang Xu, he was quite a social person. Even the antisocial Wang Xu found himself caught up in Shang Yin's pace whenever the two were working together. As they were returning to the guard station, Shang Yin decided to strike up a conversation with Kirou, "Hey Brother Wang, have you tried the new game that our company is currently active in yet?" "Not yet. I've read up on it for a bit after leaving the hospital last
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Elderwood Village, Weapon Master explained
Kirou looked around as soon as his vision returned to him. He was currently near the center of a rural village. Though it has been at least a full week since Immortal Era was launched, you could still find quite a few people moving around the village. As Kirou was surveying his surroundings, a Lycan reminiscent of an old man approached him. "Hello and welcome to Elderwood Village, young one. I see that you are new here. I am called Old Wolf." The old man now identified as Old Wolf gave Kirou a polite greeting. "Greetings senior. I go by the name Kirou. Is there anything I can help you with today?" Kirou returned the greeting with a polite bow and asked. Old Wolf looked at how Kirou greeted him and couldn't help but smile in satisfaction. Most of the new Lycans he had greeted in the past few days never returned such a polite greeting to him. To them, apparently even interacting with him was a hassle b
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Old Wolf's Quest
After walking for a few minutes, Kirou once again returned to the town center where he originally met Old Wolf. Looking around, Kirou found Old Wolf sitting on a chair, watching the villagers moving about. He then approached and greeted Old Wolf. "How was your talk with the instructor, young one?" asked Old Wolf with a smile. "It was both pleasant and informative Elder. Thank you for pointing me in his direction. Instructor Bladesmith's words truly opened my eyes to the potential of my class," replied Kirou with a relaxed smile of his own. Hearing Kirou actually mentioning Bladesmith's name caused Old Wolf to raise an eyebrow. "The fact that you know his name and spent so much time getting back here already tells me that you are truly different from the other weapon master rookies who've passed through this village. Very good. Since that is the case, allow me to give you some work." [System Message:
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Creating skills, Making a friend
[Skill Generated: Pickpocket] Skill: PickpocketSkill Level: 1/5Rank: C (A at max skill level)Cost: 1-5 MPSkill Creator/Generator: Player KirouDescription: This is an alternate version of the skill [Steal] from the Thief class that was self-learned by Player Kirou. This skill allows the player to take something from a targets' body or inventory. The item taken can be anything on the target excluding quest items and the rarity or amount depends on the skill level, target level in comparison to the skill user, and the amount of time the skill user's hand is on the target's body. Luck also plays a part in deciding the item taken. Kirou had just been going on a hunch but he was glad to see that it paid off. In addition to that, when he opened his palm, he noticed that there was a copper coin resting in the middle of it. He wagered that it must have been the fact that he finally obtained the coin for why the
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Turning in the Quests with an S-rank Rating
Kirou was currently on his way back to Elderwood Village. He was currently smiling as he was wondering what the look on Reya's face would be when she saw the quality for the list of items she traded with Kirou. 'I almost regret not waiting around to see her face when she checked those items. I'm willing to bet she will be shocked,' thought Kirou to himself with a smug smile on his face. The reason for Kirou's current jovial mood and the assurance that Reya would be shocked was that all the items she asked for were given to her as excellent quality. At this point in the game, it was practically impossible for there to exist another person capable of achieving that. As for the plants he received in return, they might not be of excellent quality but they were high enough. With the other items mixed in, when he turns in the quests he should maintain a high grade overall. Like that, Kirou kept walking for roughly twenty minut
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New Weapon Type: Gunblades
Kirou was currently standing outside of the Village Armory. Like his previous trip, he could hear the sounds of metal being hammered from behind the door. Unlike before, he didn't knock to gain Bladesmith's attention before he could enter. He just quietly snuck in and waited next to the door. Like that, he allowed another hour to pass before his presence was acknowledged. It was only after he had finished hammering that piece of metal into shape that he stopped working and turned around to greet Kirou. "Sorry for keeping you waiting, lad." "It's fine. After all, I'm the one who showed up while you were working." Kirou said this to Bladesmith as they both approached the resting area of the cottage. "So, you have the materials you need to make that unique weapon of yours?" asked Bladesmith out of curiosity. "In fact, I have. It's just that I'm going to need a bit of help in the creation process." Kirou
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Lycan Transformation, Gameplay Differences
Kirou was currently walking around Elderwood Village. The conversation he had with Bladesmith got him thinking about a few things about his weapon master class. The fact that he would eventually have had to get the blacksmith subclass to get his own personalized weapons was surprising. That wasn't info he was privy to before starting the game. He understands why he would have had to do it in the long run, especially with all the weapon designs he has in mind, but he couldn't help but take note of this detail. Hell, the only reason he got it so early is due to him finding some common ground with Bladesmith from the start. 'I guess this game isn't so simple as the game company's advertisements made it seem so far. I wonder what else I will stumble unto while playing this game.' Those were Kirou's thoughts as he was opened up his status menu. He's been receiving a reminder from the system for a while now so he decided to check it out. Name: Kir
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An Entertaining Day
Kirou was currently lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling with unfocused eyes.  It was currently five in the morning. Due to the gaming helmet putting his body into a state of rest while he played the game, his body felt quite refreshed.  This, however, did nothing to alleviate the fatigue of his mind he felt from gaming the whole night so he was currently staring off into space. After spending a few more minutes like this, Kirou eventually got up and made a simple breakfast. After eating his fill and washing up, he did a set of stretches before leaving his apartment. Kirou ran a few miles before returning to his apartment, washed off the morning sweat, and got ready for work. It was after seven when he finally left the apartment for work. By the time Kirou got to work, it was already 8:30 and his shift started at 9. Kirou spent this time in a daze as well and it wasn't until his shift started that focus seemed to return to his
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