The Red Torch

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The Red Torch

By: TheCrow Ongoing

Language: English

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‘Tis a story of a mentally fragile man, lost and confused, thanks to naught by a severe case of amnesia, or at least that’s what he deemed it to be. He had a burning desire for a second chance in life, and a second chance he got.  Tumultuous days lay ahead of the man, filled with wonders and uncertainties, confusion and discoveries. Author's note: Overall, this story is split into multiple short stories(books)(between 10-20k words), not neccessarily in a chronogical order, though the first two are. The first book is The Red Torch. 

2 chapters
Prelude : Abyssopelagic Zone
Lazily, almost forcefully, he opened his aching eyes, however, the view remained the same… primordial darkness. Everywhere he looked, there was nothing but this inky blackness, unsettling and ominous. With a hoarse and unpleasant voice, he yelled: Read more
The Lost Chicken
What woke the man up was a heavy shaking, aching his back and neck. His head was leaning on dirty linen that smelled of horse sweat, and the rest of his body was exposed to the chilly air. His four limbs were a bit numb, probably due to not moving for a considerable amount of time. Apart from the nauseous smell assaulting his nose, he could taste a bitter, metallic liquid in his mouth.He turned his head to the side, gathered whatever disgusting fluid in his mouth then spat it. Whatever came out of his dry lips was definitely not saliva but a mix of blood and a white liquid, which, any description of it shall be omitted.“Ah! Heavy fella, you woke up, at last!”The man heard an orotund voice from behind, but, due to the uncomfortable position he was currently in, he couldn’t see the identity of the speaker. With great difficulty and he
Read more