Once Upon A Drunk Night

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Once Upon A Drunk Night

By: Stephanie Akeni Completed

Language: English

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Elena Cortez is the daughter of a billionaire and the other twin who is not look upon as the best because of her size. She finally finds love in the arms of Diego Perez and marries him, but for Diego Elena is a lucky ticket to getting his hands on Her family’s business, so he doesn’t really love her. Lorenzo Martinez is the bestfriend of Diego and the love interest of Eloisa the twin of Elena, but he has feelings for his bestfriend’s wife and can’t get her out of his head. What happens when Elena spend one drunk frustrated night with Lorenzo Martinez, her husband’s bestfriend and the love interest of her dear twin Eloisa and Lorenzo is unwilling to let go because he claims to have fallen inlove with her.


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26 chapters
Elena’s POV Have you ever felt that you hated the way you look and wish you can change everything about your life. Well if you have, you are just like me.I was born on the day my father claims is the happiest day of his life and I came with a twin or my twin came with me, I was born fifteen minutes after Eloisa, my twin sister, the perfect one.You see Eloisa was my mom’s favorite, she was smart, had my mom’s blond shiny hair and baby blue eyes, a tall and slender figure, a well tanned skin, a great body in total, she looked a lot like my mother and she is a lawyer. My mom loves Eloisa, but I don’t think she feels the same about me, when it came to me, I wasn’t exactly the perfect little daughter my mother expected.I have always been a plus size since birth and not the smartest one you could find, what can i say, i really hated school and reading. I was plump, my mom was always worried about my size since when I was a kid, but people convinced her that I will turn out okay whe
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Elena’s POV I always hated waking up early, but in my parent’s house, you have got to get your ass out of bed and ready by 7, breakfast time was always family time, dad wanted to catch up on our daily activities when we were younger, but because he had to leave for the office early and come back late he wasn’t able to do so, so mom decided that since my dad always had breakfast by 7am, we should join in and he won’t get to miss a thing at all and that is how breakfast time became family time. I quickly run down the stairs, being fifteen minutes late for breakfast, I finally made it to the table and quietly take my sit, not to draw the attention of my ever complaining mother“How do you keep your home together, tell me Elena, when you can’t even wake up on time, this is why all the diet plans I sent you in college never worked, you were busy sleeping and eating all day, I still wonder how you finally managed to get yourself a Man”Here we go again, she looks at me with questioning
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Lorenzo’s POV I quickly arrange my suitcase, I had accompanied Diego on his little trip, since I had some business to take care of in California and also to escape Eloisa. I don’t know why she doesn’t get it that I’m not interested in her in anyway, I have tried being polite and also rude, but the damn woman doesn’t just get it, she pays me a visit everyday, even my mother doesn’t visit me everyday and she is clingy. I had to return home today, I had a few meetings to take care of back home and I just can’t stay anymore and watch my bestfriend treat his goddess of a wife like fucking trash, if I stay one more day I might end up putting Diego in a goddamn hospital and letting my little secret fly free.Here I was running from the clingy Eloisa, Diego was running from her twin Elena.I hated the fact that he married her even if he didn’t love her, but I couldn’t do a thing, he is bestfriend and I can’t ruin our friendship. He kept lying to her about all those fucking trips he to
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Elena’s POV I open my eyes and look around the room. My head is killing me, what did I even do yesterday with myself, I am never drinking ever again in my life.Yesterday had to be the worst day of my life, Diego left me, he fucking left me all alone.Wait I was drinking with Lorenzo, where did he go, wait I kissed Lorenzo last night.I turn my head as I feel a light breath tickle the side of my face, I turn and what i see terrifies meOh my God, Lorenzo is sleeping next to me, wait what did we do, I slowly sneak a peep inside my duvet and I’m naked!, I’m fucking naked!, what have I done, what have we done, I had sex with my husband’s bestfriend, how could I betray Diego like this, one night, just one night Elena and you mess up your entire life. I slowly get out the bed and get dress.He must have been pretty fucked up and drunk not to wake up by now.Well i am not staying another moment here. I quickly grab my phone and carry my bags quietly outside, immediately I make it outsid
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Lorenzo’s POV I had accompany Diego to the party back in Los Angeles, not because I wanted to but because I was invited and I needed to talk to Elena. I was planning on coming alone till Diego made an appearance, I’m sure he is only here because he heard that Elena was taking over her father’s business, that was the only reason why he was interested in her, because she was the main source to getting his hands on her father’s business.But his appearance ruined what I had planned, I wanted to try and convince Elena genuinely of my feelings for her.I wasn’t going to use Diego’s mistakes against him just to win her heart, I want to win fair and square, but with him here things were going to be hard and with Eloisa following me all about like a little puppy makes it even worse.I won’t say I wasn’t aware when she left the hotel back in California, I was well aware, I let her go because I knew she needed Time and she already felt guilty, I didn’t want her to feel more guilty, so I let
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Moving Out Elena’s POV I woke up and stare at Lorenzo sleeping peacefully at my side, his arms wrapped around me. I trace my finger along his jawline and his handsome face. I should be feeling remorse, guilt, I just willingly had sex with my husband’s bestfriend again and again, all through the night, but i don’t, last night was the best night of my life. Lorenzo made love to me like I was a goddess he worshipped all his life, he treated me like a woman with raging needs, he made me feel sexy, beautiful and beyond compare, he made me feel wanted and most of all he satisfied me and still told me he couldn’t get enough of me. I loved what i did, I don’t feel remorse for trying to make myself happy. He must be exhausted, last night we had sex till this morning, I had to plead with him with the I’m tired speech to get some rest. I try to slowly remove his hands from me, so that I can get up. He holds me tightly, I turn to see him staring at me and smiling “Good morning beautiful,
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Lorenzo’s POV I woke up holding Elena in my arms, I stare at her with so much love, this is really beyond my imagination, I never believed that one day I would hold her in my arms like this, loving her, watching her smile, watching her become mine in every way possible. I love this woman more than I can ever imagine, I slowly get off the bed and head to the kitchen. I want to treat her like the queen she really is, I want to lavish, ravish and treasure her. I smile to myself at the euphoria feeling consumes my heart, its kind of a weird that I have fallen deeper inlove with her, more than before, I don’t know how that is possible but it is.I get to work to make breakfast for her. I can’t fucking lose her, it will hurt me, even kill me if she ends up picking Diego over me, I have to try and win her heart, I have to try and make her love me back and that is what I’m going to do, I’m going to make Elena Cortez fall inlove with me.I get to the room to see her awake and wearing a bat
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Elena’s POV Lorenzo left me to my helplessness, I can’t get my mind off the fact that he is going to see Diego, I can’t help but be nervous, what if Diego knows about us. I can not even believe myself, I am having an Affair with my husband’s bestfriend. What will dad and mom say when it is finally all out, what will Eloisa say, she will definitely hate me forever.Oh God, what was I doing with Lorenzo, I didn’t even think twice that I was not only betraying Diego but everyone, I was so caught up in the sex and the love Lorenzo was giving me that I couldn’t think straight.But I can’t lose a man like Lorenzo, I just can’t let him go, he makes me feel loved and happy, he is everything Diego is not and he is my dream man, can’t I be selfish for once and just want Lorenzo to myself.I have to calm my raging nerves and think of what I will do when Diego comes over. I pick my phone to see it still working fine. I take a shower and put on my red yoga pants and a white t-shirt, I tried calli
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Elena’s POV I can’t believe it’s already Saturday and my little fun holiday is over. Me and Lorenzo has spend the days t
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