Mated to the Dragon Twins

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Mated to the Dragon Twins

By: DragonQueen Ongoing

Language: English

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A girl lost without her Dragon, Two Alpha twins, A crazed brother trying to kill her, Brother's girlfriend who's jealous as sin. All in a normal life huh? Aria's tale is full of pain, hurt and love but is she strong enough to weather the storm to find her happy ending with her mates, or will it be too much to break her?This is a fantasy romance novel with explicit scenes of sex and hard language so would recommend for readers 18+ This is the first novel written by the author so please don't expect perfection, helpful criticism is always welcome but hate will not be tolerated so please be mindful of the words you use and the effect they have on others!x.DanahLouise.x


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62 chapters
Chapter One
I was woken from a deep sleep, with the sounds of crashing and yelling coming from somewhere in the house.  Groaning and trying to muffle the noise out, I shove my head under her pillow, hoping the noise would go away, but alas luck was never on my side. Rolling over, I reach for the clock on my nightstand, it flashed letting me know it's 6-am. Deciding I probably wasn't going to get back to sleep, I slide out of bed padding over to the bathroom to do my normal routine.  Splashing some water on my face and looking back at my reflection in the bathroom mirror, my eyes scanning the bruises across my face that my brother Cole had so graciously gifted to me. I finish up and dry my face with the towel before putting it into the hamper and walking back out into my bedroom. As I close the bathroom door and pad over to my closet, the door to my room flies open smashing into the wall beside it. I startle back into the room and the sig
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Chapter Two
Walking down the side walk towards the school, Aria catches her reflection in the window of a shop. she walks past seeing the bruises her brother left all over neck. With her hands trembling, she traces the hand print around her neck, hissing at the pain raidiating from the mark.Aria pulls her scarf around her neck, trying the hide the bruises. After a few minutes, she arrives at the school gates, keeping her head low she makes her way through the crowd of students.Reaching the steps to the front doors of the school, she tries to hide herself in the students without being noticed. A little hard with her bright orange hair, piercing green eyes, she definitely stands out from the crowd.As she reaches the top steps, a figure emerges from behind one of the pillars. Aria's breath catches in her throat as she stares at Dragus standing directly in front of her. Dragus just screamed power, standing at 6'4 with his luscious mahogany brown hair swept to the side, from
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Chapter 3
As Aria burst through the school doors, ignoring the stares she got from the other students and the whispers of comments calling her 'slut whore'.  she quickly made her way to her locker trying to avoid the other students as much as possible.Read more
Chapter 4
"What's got you so worked up?" Ariel asked as Aria pulled her from the class into the hall.Aria didn't reply; she continued to tug Ariel down the hal
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Chapter 5
"Look at me Aria, don't let anything that came out of her vile mouth get to you. she's wrong, don't let her ever think her words mean anything to you"Read more
Chapter Six
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Chapter Seven
Aria's POVAs I ran from the clearing and into the woods I could hear my heart pounding in my chest, my feet hitting the ground but all I could think
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Chapter Eight
I walked through the maze of people in the station holding my bag close to me. I had no idea where I was staying or where I was going but for once I felt free and happy.Read more
Chapter Nine
After a few more hours hanging out with the guys, my eyes started to feel heavy and I yawned I decided it was time to head up to bed.   "I'm gonna head up goodnight"   I rose from the couch and made my way to the stairs, as I got to the second landing someone grabbed my hand I turned to see Drake holding my hand in his I looked at him a tilted my head to the side waiting for him to say something.   "Aria I just wanted you to know you are safe here no one can hurt you anymore, and don't worry about your dragon it doesn't make you any less of a person"   I could see the sincerity in his eyes swirling around, I smiled up at him while he was still holding my hand after a few more seconds of standing there I slid my hand from his.   "Thank you, Drake, I feel safe here, you guys mean so much to me already and we haven't even known each other that long but you guys make me feel
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Chapter Ten
Dragus POV It's been 6 days since we found out that Aria had left 6 fucking days and I was going crazy my dragon was constantly pacing both me and Darian were on edge we couldn't understand why were we feeling the way we were towards her.   Two days after she left we were both woken we the same dream, a dream of us in the clearing with her she was standing in the middle staring up at the stars she looked amazing just standing there we could see her from the darkness of the trees she turned and looked at us staring right into our eyes when we made our way over to her I couldn't keep my eyes from her, I had the sudden urge to touch her so I lifted my hand and stroked her face the sparks that flew up my arm were unimaginable when the breeze that surrounds us picked up her hair whipping around her I heard a voice whisper "MATES" and then it ended I woke up in my bed my sheets soaked from the sweat that had come from my body I could still feel the tingles
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