Secrets In Disguise

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Secrets In Disguise

By: miriot Completed

Language: English

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Only one girl in an all-boy athletics high school... Pretending to be a boy... What is her secret.... Will anyone find out that secret of hers... What is her reason... Can sustaining her identity will be easy when this handsome fella becomes her roommate, who has some kind of connection with the beautiful part of her tragic past...


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82 chapters
The New Guy
National Athletics and Sports Boys High School:  A high school only for boys where they are prepared and well trained in their fields with the best coaches. Graduates of this high school can be seen in National level sports and have achieved many many awards for their country "X". Moreover, not even a single girl can be seen here. It seems to be a sacred place for males where no female can step a foot. Something is bound to change here...  Wearing a loose yellow-colored T-shirt and blue ripped denim jeans a very elegant and not so sturdy guy walks through the gate of the high school looking pissed off to step into this school.Read more
The Blonde Guy
Section A Senior Class Room: The new guy entered the classroom not minding a single soul and went to an empty seat at the back of the class. Some thugs looking guys came and stood in front of a guy who was sitting in front of him. There seemed to be a gang leader with his minion kind of situation. "Hey, glasses. I heard you warned my friend to stay away from you or else you will complain to the principal. Is it true?" the center of the group said, his tone was completely sarcastic. he had those aqua eyes with dark black hair. his cocky smile said all about him that he was nothing but a jerk.The nerdy-looking gu
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Boxing Match at seven
It was lunch break and Michael as told by Mr. Stele had to make Mars understand the school's basic information and club culture. "Well, I have told you about the basic rules so about the clubs you might have gotten a pamphlet during admission, it contains all the club names you just have to go to the club you are interested in and fill the form, it's just that simple." Michael blabbered out every word in a hurry. "I did not get any pamphlet" Mars simply stated. Michael found that weird but still overlooked it and guided him towards the school board where the pamphlet was pinned.Read more
Where is SHE?
"You should really learn to control your mouth." Michael said to Mars sympathetically. Mars was surely astonished to see a sympathetic look on Michael's face for him but did not think of it as much. "I don't mind those bastards; I can take him down in a minute you don't have to give me that look." Mars still used a harsh tone with Michael even after he was being kind for the second time as his nature and left from there, exhaling deeply with frustration. "Well, he does not deserve your kindness, let him be, he will understand after getting a good beating." one of Michael's friends said and everyone went to their respective classes but just a certain&nb
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A tragic memory of hers
The next morning, Mars was looking at the mirror, like there was no tomorrow,. "Father never let me cut my hair when I wanted to just because I looked like you, my face reminded him of you, he got more determination every single day after looking at my face, but I hated those long hairs because of the same reason, It reminded me of you, Mom, ain't I a coward ha-ha-ha." his laugh slowly died down as he got more miserable, he always acted as if nothing mattered to him, he was a cold piece of metal from outside, but inside he was so soft, so fragile that a single thought about his mother could shake his entire exitance. For him talking to her like this alone was fine but if someone would mention her even accidentally, he could' not take it. A tragic memory of hers in his mind was pl
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He resembles her
"Hahahahaha so what. Can't we use a friend as our defense, and you know my group has only basketball players although I am friendly with everyone but not that close to anyone other than my teammates, so it would be a great thing if you become my friend, and on top of that you don't have friends, I know you said you don't want to make friends but everyone needs them, everyone need at least one friend to rely on." Michael said sympathetically as he was again worried about this guy's mental health. 'Is he autistic' he thought but shrugged it as Mars did not look like one. He was ignorant and bratty with lots of attitude, but was not a silent being. O
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Mars was again looking at the mirror not understanding what should he do about the situation with Michael. He did not like being around many people on top of that all of them were boys, but somewhere in his heart he wanted to accept this friendship, he really felt like giving a try to be close to at least one person. He wanted to feel this thing called friendship which was totally new to him. The only person ever who was like this in his life was his mother, who was no more in this world. 'Can I try accepting these men around me. Can they be any different than those foul men.' Mars was deep into his traces of thoughts but it discontinued by a knock on
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Evil Intentions
"Noah." the principal called him.  "Yes sir." He politely replied, shrugging of his bewilderedness because of Mars’s behavior.  "Please bear with me, it's just a matter of time." the principal smiled at him. "I can understand, no need for an explanation." he gave a polite smile and greeted him goodbye before leaving his office. ...<
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Caught Crying
Although Mars was bothered by Michael's big mouth but he did not want to be rude to Michael anymore. Michael had been nothing but kind towards him except for the first day when the situation was complicated. Drake, who claimed to be the number one boxer never interacted with Mars again so as to be safe from any more humiliation. But still, he was not someone who will stay quiet for a long time. He will surely do something to get back for the humiliation he had to face. His coach of the boxing club had degraded him too much. One chance and he would take the proper advantage of the situation. It had been two weeks since Mars's arrival in the school, noth
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Someone dear to him
It was a Sunday and Maria and Michael decided to study for their assignment. "So let's divide the assignment into three parts. I will do the anatomy stuff from Library and recent bigshots from newspapers, you do the work with history from the internet, because I suck at using it, and then finally we will both do the last part about the importance of sports according to basketball and shooting, doing our parts" Maria was making all the tasks clear to Michael. "Ayeeeee... are you being nice to me by giving me less work than you because you were rude to me on your first day." he joked as always but she was not taking it and showed him her sharp
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