Experimental Desires

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Experimental Desires

By: Kat Thomas Completed

Language: English

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When Jasmine Martin walked into the school’s building she had no idea how her life was going to change. Meeting Josh Tillman was life changing for many reasons. Including learning a bit about a professor desires...


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The Experimental Professor 1
   Walking into the building, she knew that be where she did either amazing things, or she would fall flat on her face, and the words that everyone had told her would come true. She had the drive to want to prove all of them wrong, but they always seem or did to have some facts to them. She wasn’t good with people. Though she had been called shy, it wasn’t that too much. It was more than she had been told she was worthless and that she couldn’t provide anything worth listening to. Jasmine Martin had to fight herself every day to even get out of bed. She knew this was a risk, but it was one she had to take. She had to learn to put herself out there and be heard.Flashes of all the words and statements passed through her head as she walked up to the third floor, where she had taken a small teacher’s assistant job. It wasn’t something she would normally do because she didn&rsqu
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The Experimental Professor 2
   She looked up to the man who had said that. She had never seen him before. He was propped up on the door. “Anyone who stands up to that guy not only deserves a chance to do whatever they want but a raise as well.”“I wasn’t working for money,” Jasmine said. She looked at him and saw that he was tall and slender. Not dressed in a suit, he was in a dress shirt and a pair of khakis that were loose enough to not hug his muscular thighs.“Oh, really? A college student who doesn’t need money? That is an interesting new concept.” He said as he half-smiled. “If not money, what were you working for?”“Time.” She replied, and the other professor she was supposed to work for began to stutter things out that made no sense. He was trying to back peddle on their deal to make it look more legit. It was almost hilarious to the two o
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The Experimental Professor 3
  She wasn’t expecting all that much when she walked in, knowing that the newer professors didn’t often have the furniture to have everything put away. In this office, though he did have the bookshelves lining one wall and a small loveseat off to the side, but there were probably about seventeen moving boxes worth of papers on the floor.She knew as soon as she looked around that this is going to drive her neatness OCD into an overdrive. There was hardly any room for her to move into the office as it was. She was trying to figure out where to start.She didn’t know how to tackle any of this. She was going to need a few minutes to figure this out as she looked at him as he stood there watching her.Josh smiled slightly as he knew that his office was already in bad shape. He was impatient and hated boxes, but how he handled the situation rather badly when he emptied the boxes. It made hi
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The Experimental Professor 4
  “Was this the light paperwork?” Jasmine asked with a laugh.“Possibly.” Josh laughed as he looked at the woman he was hoping was not his biggest mistake so far. She had looked terrified when her brother was there in front of her and then when the other man was getting ready to can her like last week's trash just because the other man, her brother, had deemed her unfit to work there. She was small. She was smaller than most women he knew. Her bright blue eyes were full, and they were intelligent in a way he hadn’t seen many times before. The color changed with the subject she was talking about. He wanted to learn more about her. He knew the only way to do that was to offer some of himself in the deal. He could do that. “I hate moving to different schools. The fact unpacking here and in the new house or whatever is a thing I really should try to find a more permanent position.”“Why haven’t
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The Experimental Professor 5
   Josh stood behind her, thinking that maybe she had been into the other professor for some reason though he couldn’t see why. The older man was not attractive in the least. He had been at least twenty to thirty years older than the woman in front of him now. Josh knew that he was much closer in age to her in his later twenties. However, he was not one to judge people on their preferences on what they liked. He didn’t think that this female would be into an old professor who didn’t have the balls to step up when coming to her brother.The outfit she wore was not one that was good for him getting any real work done. He would be trying to see much more of her. The shirt was tighter than most though it was still appropriate for work, but the skirt she had on was rising up as she bent over. He bet if he took a few steps back, he could see the beginning of her panties. The thought made his cock twitch a bit. He leaned back
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The Experimental Professor 6
  “I don’t think that would be a good idea,” Jasmine stated as she looked at him for a second. She shook her head to clear it out though that didn’t work all that well. He was right there. He was still only inches away from her. “I don’t do well with things like this.”“Things like this?” Josh asked as he didn’t let go of her neck and still had her there against the door.“Sex.” She said as she looked away from his face.  Though he was sure that the wall next to him was indeed as interesting as she was making it out to be, he wanted her eyes back on him. “I am not good at sex.”“Oh? Really.” He chuckled. “I don’t think that is true.”“How would you know?” She asked, slightly puzzled he didn’t just drop the subject and let her get back to work. It really wasn’t that she tho
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The Experimental Professor 7
   “Again?” She asked.“A bit more this time.” Josh chuckled as he looked at her as he stood up. He picked her up and then sat down on his chair after finding his way through the piles of papers. “This time, I want to feel some things too.”“Oh.” She said as she was starting to feel her sense again. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Though it had been a long time since someone had looked at her like he did, she had never felt anything like what she had just done. Her mind was still cloudy. She couldn’t think clearly if she tried. She was sure this was not a good thing, but she could feel the lax In her muscles and couldn’t argue with him.“Remember, you have all the power, Jasmine.” He said softly as he moved slightly to completely unbutton her shirt. She didn’t stop him as she watched him work. He kn
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The Experimental Professor 8
   “You want more of this?” she asked as she lifted her head with some effort. She truly felt boneless and now understood how people could actually like this. She never did before. Though limited, it was never anything good before. It was just a simple act and a release for the partner she had. Never something she enjoyed.“I think that having you here might be a good fit in more ways than one.” He chuckled. “Jasmine, I know you are somewhat new to this, but even most of the time, that doesn’t happen with just anyone. I don’t see this being a problem or a distraction for either of us. It could help us both. We are both adults here, and there is no conflict of interest.” Josh said as he ran his hand up her back. He was keeping the pressure there.“No conflict of interest.” She repeated though she knew that he meant here at the university.
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The Experimental Professor 9
    She looked at him as he stared down at her brother. The man who had terrorized her and all of her siblings with their mother’s help. She hated both her mother and him. Josh had been the only person to try to put her brother in place far below where he thought he was. Jasmine looked at him with new eyes and a filter that painted him in a much better light other than just a horny professor who had sex with her a few minutes before.No one had ever really talked to him that way that she knew of. Their parents had bought him a position that would have some respect even though he did not deserve it from anything that she could have seen. Gavin was nothing but a person who was bitter that he did not have everything right in front of him at all times. It was a pain to be around him.Her brother turned on his heels and walked away, muttering under his breath as he walked. He had looked like a spoiled child a few min
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The Experimental Professor 10
    The rest of the day passed by the two of them as they tried to work together to get the paper stacks off the floor at least. Josh was watching everything she did and found that she was actually really good at fast organization. She had everything ready for the next few days within an hour. She worked fast, and he was beginning to see how she could possibly be the only one in the world who could do what she had done.  He had almost given hope when he looked at the office before he went to the meeting for the professors and had just walked in when things got good.Jasmine knew how to work with a small area. She had things in her apartment in files that she knew where everything was. She had samples and whatnot everywhere as well. Sometimes it was working with the space you were given. She was good at this. She had been doing this most of her life.She began to
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