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chapter 1
It's Saturday todayI woked up from my sleep and went towards the window and saw up in the skyThe sky was blue and it made me feel at peaceTwo days back ago my  mother and my step father died in an accidentAnd now I didn't have anyone to take care of me and I was currently at my aunts placeToday is the day of my parents funeralI quicky headed for the shower and then after shower I went towards my vanity and applied little of makeup . then i changed into a black dress which fitted my body perfectly. "Good morning " I said to my Aunt as i walked into the kitchen "Good morning , have your breakfast first and then we need to head out for your parents funeral and you will also have to  meet someone today" she said and I noddedI quick
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chapter 2
ts just been 15 mins since we sat in the car and I was not moving a single bit coz I was scaredWhat if they hurt me like my parents? Suddenly my stomach growled as I didn't ate anything after breakfast and I felt embarrassed and scaredVictor looked up from his phone starring right into my eyes and asked "are you hungry?" I nodded as no "Lilith I don't like people lying and I want you to answer verbally" I just looked down "understood?" he asked when I didn't gave him a respond "Y-yes" I said "stop stuttering Lilith like-- " he got cutted off by Anthon "Are you hungry lil princess?" he asked smiling "Yes" I replied What would You like to eat? "Anything will do" I said looking down I have some waffles in my bag,&nbs
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chapter 3
Victor pov I finished my dinner and as I was about to leave I saw Lilith didn't finished her dinner yet and she was whinning like a baby that she is full but she has to finished the dinner she looked so skinny and paleI asked her to complete the dinner and come to her roomI wanted to talk to her I went to her room as saw that she has decorated her room with some pictures and other things she bought with her. I was looking through the pictures and then I saw that there is one of her childhood picture she was really cute that timeI was the first one to pick her up in my armsWhen she was a child she exactly looked like dad and we used to play with her all day long and many of the times I took her to play in the parkIt was really a beautiful memory and now she is 14 years already I can't believe it

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chapter 4
I went towards Liam and grabbed his wrist and took him to my bedroom I sat him down and gave him a glass of water after he drank it he finally set all his emotions out he was a crying messAnd he was no more the Liam I was scared of. I went to him and hugged him and he was just crying and crying I felt hurt seeing him like "i-i dis-appoin-ted the-m" he said between sobs and I rubbed his back to make him calm down After almost 15 minutes he broked the hug and stopped crying I gave him some tissue papers to wipe his tears and then he looked at me and smile weakly "It's okay if you don't want to talk about it with me I understand" he looked up to me and said thank you princessBut you know I can share with you . I know you will understand "I went to party with Karen and kabir and
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chapter 5
Victor pov After Lilith went to her room I was alone with Liam in his room he kept saying sorry but no I was not angry on him I was hurt because of him so I ignored himI didn't care to ask the reason why he did that because it don't matter to me I always trusted him and he did thatI'm so disappointed In himFew minutes later Anthon and twins entered the room and they checked up on Liam and then soon doctor came and he checked up on LiamDoctor said he will be fine soon we just need to take care of him and I sighed in reliefI then went outside of Liam room to leave doctor till the exit when I noticed that Lilith's room light was still on and I thought she was not asleep yetI barged into her room and she was not only awake but playing with her phone so I really got madI was already tensed about many thingI never show it but I really have lots of stress and te
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chapter 6
After we are done with a group hug anthon stood up and said"let's take her to the doctor victor for a checkup" "I was thinking the same" said victor "Boys we are going to doctors with Lilith, don't burn the house" said Anthon and left with me and victor We went inside the car and victor was driving while Anthon was on passenger seat beside him and I was sitting behind getting bored "are you bored?" asked Anthon "yes" I replied "why don't you play on your phone?" he said "uhm I don't have my phone" I replied looking down

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chapter 7
After driving back homeWe went inside and I was welcomed with the group hug Liam and kabir gave meWe sat On the couch and Liam asked "how was your day?  Did you bought whole shop? " he said glancing over the bags Anthon and victor was holding"Ill tell you guys everything" I said and then told them every tiny thing I did after we left from the hospitalAfter that I went into my room to get freshen up and I unpacked all the things we boughtLiam povAs soon as Lilith left I went to victors room to apologize againHe is not even glancing at me and Anthon and victor are the ones who are not talking to meI went to his
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chapter 8
"Good morning Karen" I said to him smiling "Good morning Lilith , why are you awake so early?" he asked "I just got a bad dream and than I couldn't sleep so I came downstairs to have some fresh air" I replied and went on stairs to go up but then he called my name and I turned back "yes, do you need something?" I asked and he replied "I was going on a morning walk, would you like to come?" he replied "yes, let me just get changed" I replied and then I went into my room to get changedI went inside my room and changed into some clothes And then went downstairs and saw karen was sitting on couch and waiting for me I went towards door and said "let's go" and went outside hurriedly"Wait for me Lilith" he scremed and came to me and he holded my hand"I know Lilith , it's hard for
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chapter 9
I was still sitting in the living room when victor came and he rushed to me and grabbed my palm and sat beside me"are you okay Lil?" he asked worried "yes I'm fine , can I ask you somethin?" I asked "sure Lilith" he said "am I really okay? I have asthama from 3 years and something like this never happened before. Please don't lie to me" I said. "you are absolutely okay Lilith don't worry and please from now on always keep the inhaler with you" he said "okay" I replied "let's go out for dinner okay? I'll text the boys also .go and get changed" he said and I nodded and went upstairs.

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chapter 10
Please I'm sorryI'll be a good girl, let me goI'll do everything you say just don't hit mePleaseI screamed in pain. It hurted me gutted me like hell but still they didn't stopI really wished I had someone who would save me from themI tried escaping from their grip but I wasn't strong enoughAnd that got me into more troubleEveryday I used to scream and beg them to stop hitting me but they never had mercy on meI was used as their punching bagWhenever they were frustrated or tired and that made me feel like hell .i just wanted to run away and start a new lifeBut...But guess wh
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