Forced To Become Someone Else's Fantasy

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Forced To Become Someone Else's Fantasy

By: Pauline Buitendijk Completed

Language: English

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A story about a young woman with a troubled background who is kidnapped by two men who don't know the concept of consent. Fleur is taken off the street to be forced to live like a baby for two grown men.


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29 chapters
1. Kidnapped
As I slowly woke up from my deep slumber, all I could hear was my heartbeat. It went faster and faster. I panicked. I had no idea how to calm down. I kept hearing it beating, how my heart pumps my blood through my veins at a fast tempo.I try to move around my body, to find a more comfortable position, in the hopes that my heartbeat will slow down. But it only worsened my anxiety. To my horror, I noticed that I was in some way tied down, to what I think is a mattress. I try to move around my weak limbs with not much success. My hands and ankles were tied down with some type of cuffs. It did not hurt, but it was not comfortable either.I didn't know what to do. What happened? Why was I tied down? These were the kind of questions that kept running through my mind. I had now enough strength to open my eyes. Darkness. I was su
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2. Meeting them
With the sunlight coming through the windows I was met with two pairs of eyes looking down at me. I flinched. They held me captive for a couple of seconds. In front of me stood two well-built men who could easily overpower me in a heartbeat. Feeling intimidated by their stares I looked anywhere but at them. That was when I took in my surroundings.I was indeed lying down on a mattress, cuffed against bars, bars that were surrounding me. The bars scared me and confused me too. Was I in a cage? No that couldn't be because there were no bars above me, just around me. I looked better and it looked like a crib? That couldn't be the case, right? I mean, I know that I am not tall. With my five feet, I knew I didn't reach far in the body length department, but I wasn't that small that I could fit in a crib. Still, it looked liked it was the case, which shocked me.But what shook me more was the rest of the room I saw before me. The bedroom was decorated as a nursery for a baby
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3. What lifestyle?
"What!?""We conduct the ddlg lifestyle around here," Joon said as it was the most normal thing in the world. I couldn't believe my ears. I knew the sort of what it was, just the general idea. I remember how I sat in the back of the classroom in high school and it was because of that I could hear most of the people's conversations. Nobody paid attention to me anyway. So this one day I heard two girls in my history class talking about BDSM and something about little's and doms.It was not much what I heard, but what I did know and what was the most important in this kind of lifestyle was consent. Currently, that concept was thrown out of the window because I had this feeling that they would force this lifestyle, this fantasy on me."Yes indeed," David supported him, "that is a lifestyle where you have Daddy doms and little girls. We will be your doms and you will be our sub as a little girl. But no worries we don't like the sexual part between the daddy and the g
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4. No control
While Joon left to get something, David was busy looking through the dresser for in God's name what. I stopped struggling, knowing by now that wouldn't work. My chest still moved quickly up and down from nerves. These men were crazy creeps and I had to get out of here. Now I was looking around me for something to get me out of these restraints. Seconds felt like hours. I didn't like waiting for what's to come. I felt my safety was at stake here. Like prey wondering when they would be hunted down by their predator.The entrance of Joon in the room snapped me out of my thoughts. He held something in his hand but I couldn't see what it was. I squinted my eyes in the hope to make out of the shape of the object he was holding, with not much success. They were whispering to each other and walked up to me. I hated that I didn't know what was going on. The two men looked like giant cats sneaking on their next meal. Desperately I struggled against my restrain
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5. Breakfast gone wrong
David left the room with me in stupid baby clothes and that freaking diaper. Only there was no time for sulking as we were walking through the house. Now was the right moment for me to look for escape routes. But the only thing I saw was a long hallway and the stairs leading us downstairs. I only got a glimpse of the front door, after that, I saw no more signs what could possibly lead me to an escape route. We walked past the living room and went into the kitchen. First I didn't know what was waiting for me but it was already too late when I sat in that torture device. He had put me in a highchair, a highchair! I couldn't even remember the last time I sat in such a chair because I was too young to. Conclusion I didn't need a highchair. These men get more and more on my nerves. "Get. Me. Out. Of. This. Chair!" I knew they wou
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6. For my own good?
After breakfast, Joon took me out of my chair and put me on his hip with my head on his shoulder. I hated how close I was to my captor. I hated how my body made contact with his. I wanted to be as far away from him as possible. In my mind, I had run already half a mile from these psycho men. I never liked physical contact because I had only bad experiences with it. So, them touching me was absolutely the worst.I saw that we were walking towards the living room with David following us. While they were talking I was taking in my surroundings. I needed to know how this house looked like so when I could walk again I knew my fastest route out of this house. "Joon you should really see this, she looks so cute with you!" David squealed."Then take a photo babe. I would like to see the
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7. Punishments
If I could disappear or turn invisible right now I would do it in a heartbeat. Right now I was laying down on a big changing matt and to say it was humiliating was an understatement. First I had to deal with the mere thought that I had peed without knowing and then with the thought of getting changed like a baby. This was absolutely degrading. The whole time I was getting changed by David I had looked away while I was crying. What did I do to deserve this? Couldn't the world just give me a break?"Sssh Fleur, sssh, it's alright. It's just a quick change. Look here we go. All cleaned up and ready for the day." He picked me up and put me on his hip. Instead of walking out of the room he sat down on a rocking chair and started rocking us.David said sweet nothings to me while I was
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8. Naptime
After the little chat I had with David I felt fear and hatred in me. These men were just as horrible as any other men close in my life. Beating me when I did not listen. Why do I need to listen to them? Who are they to order me around? Now I think of it, nobody has the right to order me around. Saying what I can or cannot do. It is my life.But the longer I sat on his lap the more comfortable I got. His chest was warm and from time to time he stroked my hair and kissed my head. As he said to me earlier he cared about me, which was hard to believe. Nevertheless, it was a foreign feeling for me. People around me tend to not care about me. I remember my childhood and teenage years as being very lonely. People only talked to me when they needed me for their own selfish needs.Having friends was a concept I was not familiar with. People
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9. Home
 I was happy. Days, no weeks, I had studied for this important test and it had paid of, all those hours of hard work, all those sleepless nights brought me to this moment. I was too eager to get home, I ran instead of walking. I couldn't wait to tell my parents the good news. They just had to be proud of me, right? Of course, I worked so hard and had a good grade. No an excellent grade. With that thought, I ran even faster. I arrived at my home and quickly put the key in the door and walked through the opening. Once inside I made a beeline to the living room. There I saw my mum and dad drinking their afternoon tea and coffee. Perfect both of them were home so I could share the good news at once. "Mum! Dad! Look, Look!" I bounced up and down as I stood in front of them. "Fleur! What did we tell you about your loud voice?!"  My mother scolded me with a frown on her face"And what did we tel
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10. Rule number ten
After I calmed down and the three of us filled our stomachs with lunch, Joon had left us again to go to his office to work. David had decided to take me again to the living room. "Now that your tummy is all filled up with yummy food we can do something fun," David spoke to me in a baby voice. "So what do you want to do sweetie?" He looked at me, waiting for an answer. I just shrugged my shoulders. I really wasn't in the mood to do something 'fun'. I wasn't in the mood to do anything at all. I felt empty knowing that things wouldn't get better for me, only worse.Just like at home I wanted to curl in a corner and just listen to some music. I wished that I was invisible to them as well. Joon and David's attention was torturing me. I wanted to be left alone."How about some coloring?" I looked at my hands where those stupid mittens were still on and looked back at him. "Are you serious? With these?" I asked while holding up my arms.&
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