A journey to the end of life

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A journey to the end of life

By: Usama Sohail Completed

Language: English

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After losing his mother, Jim Cooper, an extraordinary scientist found a way to meet his mother in barzakh by scientific means. Barzakh - A realm where dead people stay, having rewards or punishment until the resurrection, waiting for their final destination. Jim realized his discovery could be dangerous for mankind, as it had the potential, to bring dead people back to the real world. What happens when people find out there is a way to visit the mysterious world of souls?


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16 chapters
01 - The Pandemic
"It's 8, mama. I'm hungry" junior Cooper jumped out of the couch and entered the lounge.They both were astonished and put a glance at the wall clock, which had just tickled 8 PM. How could an 18 months toddler tell time?"Hey, you come here, Jimmy. Who told you it's 8?"Mr. Cooper dragged him in his lap and asked him.He giggled just like he knew it was his extraordinary intelligence and pointed towards the clock."Papa, the clock."They both laughed."Darling, your dinner is just being ready in seconds. Come here and start serving."Jasmine Cooper ordered her genius son. Jim was rushing towards the kitchen when suddenly Mr. Cooper's mobile phone rang. Jim returned and reached near the table where the mobile was placed.Mr. Cooper was interestingly watching him staring at the screen and was waiting for Jim to speak something interesting."Who's calling Jimmy?" Mrs. Cooper, standing in the kitchen, urged him to speak."It's, it'
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02 - Little Angel
Mr. Cooper was in Jasmine's room with the safety suit on. He couldn't help crying when he saw his wife in such a miserable condition. She was coughing every minute. He held her hand and felt that her palm had become softer than it used to be. He could feel the warmth of her hands even through the safety gloves. Perhaps she was burning with fever."Jasmine, Jasmine..? "Mr. Cooper touched her forehead, and it was also dissipating heat."Justin, please ... save me. (cough) I-I'm in extreme pain."Jasmine opened her eyes and said. She had tears in her eyes. Mr. Cooper clasped her hand softly."Don't worry dear, I'm with you. See, I'm right here. You'll be recovered. "Mr. Cooper knew he was lying, but nothing is better than consoling a person who is standing on the edge of death."I want to see S-Sally ... and ... Jim. Please bring them to me."Jasmine was breathing heavily. She begged him. Mr. Cooper nodded his head."Sally will
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03 - Lucid dream
"Good afternoon, sir. When will you be returning to work? The research material is waiting for you on your desk.Hope your son will be healthy and doing well. Kiss him from my side.Waiting for you, sir.Have a good day.Emily walker"Jim read the email from his assistant and realized that it's been the 5th day he'd been absent from the office. Since Emma was alone, he couldn't go to the office. Jim had started working on a new project initiated by his firm. He was supposed to be researching neurons and chemicals that work together and constitute a dream. Emily was a graduate student in neurochemistry. She was there to help Jim in working with the chemicals and hormones related to the brain. He replied with an email that he'll be on leave for another day as his wife needs some rest. Jim knew how to prioritize things.******Jim laid down beside Eden. He was moving his hands and feet for no reason. Jim was staring at him with love. He ki
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04 - The Citrine ring
He opened his eyes and looked around. He was lying on his bed."Oh crap," he got up."Why the hell did I become so excited? "He was getting angry at himself. He thought something and quickly laid on the bed again so that he could re-enter his dream. But his thoughts were not letting him sleep again. He was still feeling excited while thinking about his dream. He knew he was dreaming and jumping in joy in his dream. His excitement woke up his brain completely. But he was determined not to be excited next time.He used to be curious about the repeated appearance of Jasmine in his dream. He always used to see that Jasmine was calling him and wanted to talk to him."Does she really want to tell me something?"He thought and grabbed his phone and started searching."What does it mean if you see dead people repeatedly in dreams."He searched on Google and tapped on a result that matched his query."Sometimes you see your relatives or family me
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05 - What if you die today?
Emma returned home, and Lazy quickly handed a glass of water to Emma."Is Eden still sleeping? " - Emma asked Lazy."Eden woke up, he cried, she jerked Eden, then he slept"Lazy made up the sentence and told Emma the whole story."Jerked him?"Emma stood up and went towards Eden's crib."He was crying a lot and wasn't taking his bottle." - Olive, sitting with Eden, told her."And then you jerked my baby?"Emma angrily confirmed what Lazy told her."N-No, I was, I was just... trying to shut him up" - Olive became surprised at how Emma knew about the situation.Emma took Eden in her lap. He was sleeping peacefully. She put him back in his crib and took him to her bedroom."This robot can be the thing that might have told Emma about it. Useless robot"Olive murmured while looking at Lazy. She was surprised and angry at the same time.Skylar had done the laundry, and she was winding up her work."OK, Emma, I'm going. I'll return at 7 PM."Emm
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06 - Muslims are terrorists
"Peek a boo, peek a boo." - Jim was hiding his face with both hands and then peeking through them. But Eden was not looking at him. "Eden, look at your Mommy" - Emma snapped her fingers in front of his eyes, but she failed too.They both became silent and sad for a while until Emma broke the ice. "Why doesn't he respond? He doesn't make eye contact. Can he see us?" - Emma was getting emotional. Jim had no answer to her questions. He used to research SBS, and he had already decided to treat his baby on his own at a suitable time. The percentage of infants that live a normal life after SBS was negligible. Eden just used to move his hands and feet and cry. He also used to get seizures. He had forgotten to make sounds and smile. Perhaps his eyesight had been affected, or the sense of hearing was impaired. "Will my baby walk?" - Emma said, having tears in her eyes.
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07 - A new beginning 
Jim had been feeling numb all the time, and he was unable to concentrate on his research. He used to feel a slightly higher temperature of his body than usual most of the time. His muscles used to hurt when he stretched them. His mood swings had been severe due to his condition. He had the idea that the unknown effects of Galantamine could do any worse with him, but he had no regrets as he was already on the way to fixing his life. The winter was at its peak. It was snowing when Jim was going to attend his friend's wedding ceremony. Despite having a fever, he wanted to attend the wedding, as his best friend used to be with him in every difficult situation. Emma didn't attend the wedding due to Eden. His car stopped at the crossroad. The snowfall of extreme level was predicted, that's why everybody wanted to reach home before they got stuck on roads. There was huge traffic on both roads. He was listening to his favorite song in his car. Someo
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08 - Conversion was a mistake 
"Jim, Eden is getting seizures again" - He heard Emma's voice when he was in his lab. He rushed towards the bedroom. Eden's body was getting abnormal jerks with irregular intervals. They both were trying hard to prevent seizures, but Eden wasn't recovering. He was three months old, but he was still like a newborn baby. It seemed like Eden was unable to develop his body and brain with respect to his age. Emma gave him prescribed drops, and after having two to three jerks, he felt sleepy. "What's his future, Jim?" - Emma wiped a bunch of tears from the corner of her eye and said. "Let's have our hopes high. Despair is a sin. The one who created us loves us more than seventy mothers. Allah always has plans, and they are indeed better than ours" - Jim unintentionally repeated the same sentence he used to hear in his Qur'an and Islam classes. He had forgotten that Emma was unaware of the most significant truth of
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09 - The barrier
He reached the church and smiled while looking at the tower of the building. Before he parked his car, a kitten came out of nowhere and blocked his way. He had to stop the car in the middle of the road. "Shoo kitty, move aside, shoo" - He hushed the kitten, but perhaps she had decided to sleep in front of Jim's car. Jim got out of his car and picked the cute little kitten in his hands. He caressed the fluffy kitten, and at that moment, he put a glance on his fingers. The finger that had the ring in it was empty. - "Oh damn." He quickly moved the kitten to a safe place and started searching for his ring in the car, but if it was there, it would have been found. "Hold on, man," - Jim shouted while peeking from his windshield. Someone had forgotten to stop pressing the horn as Jim's car was parked in the middle of the road blocking the passage. He took a u-turn and returned to his home to find the ring, forgetting about the church. His dream wa
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10 - How to enter Barzakh
"Welcome to Australia, guys." - Sally shouted happily while hugging Jim and Emma. Mr. Cooper took Eden from Emma and kissed him. "Hey, champ. How are you doing?" - Mr. Cooper tickled him. Eden didn't show any signs of pleasure. They placed the luggage in the car and drove home from the airport. "Have you done shopping for Christmas, Emma?" - Sally asked her, who wasn't in a good mood. Emma replied with a "Hmm" and kept on using her cell phone. Sally felt annoyed. She left her alone and moved to the other room where Mr. Cooper and aunt Rachel were talking with Jim. Mr. Cooper wanted to talk with Jim about the matter, but he couldn't do it in front of aunt Rachel. He didn't want to disclose this issue. It was 2 AM, and Jim was sitting on the chair in their garden. Mr. Cooper approached him. "Start speaking, Jimmy. What made you take this intense step?" - Mr. Cooper tapped his shoulder while sitting on
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