My Atonement

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My Atonement

By: P. Artim Ongoing

Language: English

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"Die!" "Die!" "Die!" "You monster!" "Burn him to death!" "You're a disgrace to your family, a disgrace to humanity!" "You Devil! Betrayer of humanity!" Hundreds of people uttered similar words as they waited for my death. Yes. I was dying. Flames all around me. My hands tied like a criminal. 'I am a sinner.' 'I'm the reason why hundreds of thousands of people died. Miserably.' 'It wasn't supposed to end like this.' 'This isn't what I wanted.' 'Is this how it's all going to end?' 'Can I really do nothing to change the outcome?' 'My lovely mother, my father whose care I never understood, my brave brother, I'm so sorry.' 'I'm sorry you had to lose your life because of me.' 'I miss you.' 'If only I could see you guys one more time.' Despair soon turned into regret, and regret into sadness and grief. A sense of resignation washed over his whole body as he prayed, for the first time in his life. He didn't even know to whom he was praying, but he still prayed, pleaded, and begged. And just like that, his life came to an end inside that burning, merciless fire. "Poor child. You're bearing the karma of someone else." "Sister, what do you mean by that?" "Nothing. I was just talking to myself." She stared at the broken soul in front of her with gaze full of sadness and regret. The only thing she could do was send back the broken pieces to the past and hope for a miracle. A blind light covered the area as she held those broken pieces close to her heart. "Huh?" Ale woke up with a startle. His back was covered with sweat as he tried to catch his breath. "A nightmare?"


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Our First Encounter
'As the sun shone down, the mesmerizing blue of the Ocean captured my eyes.The water looked so clear that something inside me was telling me I needed to go down.'One step. Two step.Ale finally started running towards the water.Splash."Whoa! So cold!!!"Well, that was to be expected. It's the middle of winter right now.The next second, he started playing with the water as if he was never cold to begin with. Only at times like these did Ale look like an 18 year old.He was wearing a plain white shirt and black pants. His red hair that was now slightly wet with sea water looked like the setting sun in contrast to the blue Ocean.While Ale was busy playing in the water, a few people could be seen walking along the beach from a little distance.Among them was a man who stood out more than anybody else. His black hair and outfit made him look stunning, like a night without a moon.He also looked like he was the leader of the bunch.Hearing the water splash, they looked toward the sea
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A Nice Weirdo
"Isn't that the lords mansion? Hey Ale, do you work at the Dukes place?" Ron asked while wrapping his hand around Ale's neck as if theywere friends.Rudy looked a little dissatisfied at Ron's behavior but still waited for his answer."I live here."'Well, I am the duke's eldest son so it's only natural that I live here.'Although he could sort of understand why they'd misunderstand with his appearance and behavior being similar to that of commoners."Whut?""Umm, you mean, as a worker or...?" The blonde girl asked with a bit of confusion while fluttering her long eyelash.'Damn. Just what you'd expect from the main characters companion. So pretty!'He admired her pretty Jade like eyes before answering her question."Let me introduce myself a bit formally. I'm the eldest son of Duke Edger De Rosario, Alejandro De Rosario." Ale greeted them formally while looking informal as hell and gave them the best smile he could muster."......."They all looked at him with surprised or bewildered
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Am I Famous?
After saying goodbye to the kids, Ale started to walk towards their destination again.As he was walking, he recalled the events of today's morning.The moment he told his father that he was going to leave home for a few days and show his friends the way to the second island, his father reacted rather strangely.His father looked nervous, tensed and more worried than he had expected him to be. Maybe because Ale himself was aware to some extent how many trouble he had caused in the last three years, he kept his mouth shut and waited for an answer patiently."It's not safe. And you're aware of the dangers as well, aren't you?"'Haha... Did I cause too much trouble? Then there's only one way left.'Ale thought about a few ways how he could persuade his father, or rather, force him to let him go, by deceiving him, lying to him, giving him false assurance etc etc but shook his head, dismissing all those useless thoughts. "But father, I gave them my words. And it's been a while since the l
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He's Not Weak
After contemplating over things for a while, Rudy and Ale both decided to continue their journey as usual.Since they still had one hour left before our departure, they decided to have their lunch in a nearby restaurant.In a banner above the restaurant door, the words "Wine & Dine" were written beautifully. They entered the restaurant and picked a 10 person table for them.Although the restaurant was pretty neat and clean the number of customers were rather pitiful. This helped them understand the severity of the situation.After a few moment, the waiter came to take their order. Since they had a rough journey ahead of them, they decided to order lots of meat dishes and alcohol.After a while, they served them their lunch. While having lunch, they could hear the customers around them gossiping about the recent incidents.Some where talking about how many people had died or left town and also about their business not going well.Some of them were talking about how the authorities dec
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Dealing With the Disaster
"Young master!"Shouted Gary and Phil simultaneously. They were currently in the middle of an argument with Ale."Quit it."They had already spent more time than they should bickering with Ale over something useless like this. He finally felt irritated enough to lower his voice and call it quits."But.."They no longer protested. But they weren't done either. They used their puppy eyes technique next, all the while pouting like a five year old."That doesn't work on me anymore."Ale blatantly ignored those puppy eyes and turned around, facing the bunch of surprised/shocked/bewildered people behind him, Rudy and his party."Now that you have a light user, what's the plan?"He asked, urging Rudy to snap out of his daze and focus. They were almost at the location of the disasters so Ale at least wanted a solid plan before jumping into the water."You're a light user?"Rudy asked, even though Ale already confirmed it twice already. He looked like he was having a hard time accepting it."I
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A Nice View
The sky above the Ocean changed colours within minutes.What could be called a bright, sunny weather changed into dark and stormy in the blink of an eye.The ominous dark cloud flying above their head and the constant thunders gave Ale the chills as he looked forward.The Ocean looked angry. The waves crashed onto their boat again and again as if someone was taking their anger out on it.And among all these natural disasters, he could clearly feel the presence of something sinister, something dark and vulger that that made him feel like thousands of bugs were crawling under his skin.It was a disturbing feeling, to say the least.Soon, the ocean in the distance bulged and Ale could see everyone in Rudy's party strengthen their grip on their weapons, getting ready to take action."That's probably level six, right?"Ale wondered leaning further back into the boats wall. He looked like he'd melt and sink into the wall if he leaned back any more.'I'm sleepy. Maybe I should take a short n
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The Castle Underwater
Ale was feeling sleepy once again as he kept watching Rudy's party and his own knights fighting against the disaster.In the beginning, it was fun and exciting but the more time passed, the more he lost his enthusiasm.At one point, it felt like the disaster had gotten remarkably weak and that they'd deliver the finishing blow anytime soon.But that moment kept dragging on and on and on till he finally realised that it was the humans who were getting tired this time around.The disaster, even at it's lowest, showed no signs of backing away. It was persistent to say the least. And Ale was also getting a bad feeling although it looked like nothing could go wrong."This is taking a while, don't you think?"He finally opened his mouth and asked. It felt like he'd fall asleep any second if he didn't do something to stay conscious, so he decided to talk.Phil blocked one of the water whips lashing towards his direction with his shield and glanced at Ian. His expression was so clear at expre
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The Holy Relic
'An angel?!'Is the first thought that came to Ale's mind as he looked at the person in front of him.A face beautiful enough to be sculpted by the Gods themselves, enveloped with layers of white silk floating in the wind, giving vibes similar to that of a pair of wings.The more Ale observed the person in front of him, the more divine they looked. Gold ornaments and lips the colour of cherry complimented each other more than they should have.The silver hair that reached up to her calf and golden pupils only added more charm to the divine aura she was giving off.The woman that was floating in front of him slowly came down and stood in front of him. She was slightly smaller than Ale in height, which could be called pretty tall for a women.As she looked him in the eyes, a smile bright enough to dissipate all the darkness around them appeared on the corner of her lips."Thank you for coming here."She spoke with a tone that strangely matched her demeanor, calm and gentle. Yet there wa
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Because it's Ale
"YOUNG MASTER!!!"Both Phil and Gary shouted at the top of their lungs with a horrified expression as they saw Ale jump down.The huge splash caused by his fall died down under the clashing sound of their swords as they were forced to defend against the continuous attacks of the underwater disaster."D-did he just fall?!""I think he jumped down...?""Why would he do that?!""I hope he knows how to swim."Rudy and his friends were in complete shock as they tried to get a hang of the situation. More than anything, they were confused about Ale's action and intentions."Please don't worry. My master may look a bit weird but I can assure you, he's not doing this on a whim."Kevin was the only calm person in that entire boat. As they heard his unusually calm voice, they all looked towards his direction in wonder."Weird?"Not a whim...?"They couldn't help but ask as they looked at his direction."Yes. He must've dived down to try and purify the artifact."He said calmly. But only Phil and
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Her New Owner
Ale's job was done.He had successfully managed to solve the recurring issue of the water disaster.While Rudy and his party was busy dealing with the already born level 5 disaster above water, he jumped down, found the root of the problem and solved it.The only thing left to do right now was to release the people that were being held at the palace underground and take out the holy relic."There are quite a lot of them.."Ian made a quick headcount and there were more than a hundred people down there, including people from other tribes."How..."Ale was thinking about ways how he could safely transport them to the island. But a boat capable of holding all of them didn't even exist at that time."I apologize for the trouble.. If only I could store their boats as well.."The holy relic felt truely remorseful as she apologized while glancing at Ale's troubled expression. She was a powerful relic indeed.Managing to bring down so many people down there without harming a hair on their bod
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