Clandestine Empire: Rise of the Fallen

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Clandestine Empire: Rise of the Fallen

By: Denny Vell Devaras Ongoing

Language: English

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Dio, the hidden crown prince whom everybody thought was dead, returned to the palace with a big achievement. The strongest mage in the empire. The multi-elemental genius. The New Hero. He was given nicknames that he didn’t ask for and his position as crown prince was given back to him though he didn’t want to. From being lost, he has finally returned to where he should belong. But what if not everyone was rejoicing for his return? What if there were still people hidden in the shadows who wished for his downfall? Can he rise to the throne like how he was supposed to? Or will he fall again like when he was younger?


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Chapter 1: The Empty Seat
The empire of Clandestine was prosperous and they were known for being the strongest empire with a deep foundation. It would look like it would have no worries because the emperor had six healthy and talented children who could take his place in the future. However, there was a problem.Only the star guarded by a dragon could take the throne—and among the six children, not once did the deity send a dragon to acknowledge a child. So, the seat of the heir remained empty.The place in the palace where the emperor’s office was located was filled with nobilities who wished to have an audience with the emperor. Most of them would like to offer their daughters, while some of them would like to pressure him in choosing one of his children to be the heir.“Send them all away. I don’t want to hear any of this.” Dexter, the emperor of Clandestine, massage
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Chapter 2: The Eighth Star
Months passed and the emperor was still bombarded by requests to announce his heir. Though he decided to ignore his people, the requests and petitions kept coming and it also increased by the day.Dexter let out another sigh. Why were those people so eager for him to announce the heir? It wasn’t as if the rule of succession was that easy. If their law said that the emperor had the freedom to choose his heir, he would’ve done it. However, the empire was bestowed to the Clandestine Family by the deity because of their fairy ancestor. He couldn’t just ignore the tradition and the laws of the imperial family.“You should take a rest, Your Majesty.” Duke Winston looked at Dexter with an assuring look. “Don’t bother yourself with these petitions. We know that you’re old enough to know which should come first.”Dexter nodded an
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Chapter 3: The Deity's Gift
“Baby, when are you going to come out?” Ezekiel whispered as he put his hand on Pristine’s belly. “Ah! He just kicked me, Mom!”Andriel who stood beside his brother also giggled as he put his hand on Pristine’s belly as well. “Baby…”Though Andriel could only speak a few words, Pristine felt happy that the prince was also excited to see her child.“Mom, can I play with him when he is out?” Ezekiel asked Pristine with hopeful eyes.“Once he grows enough to be able to play with you, Your Highness.” Pristine laughed softly when Ezekiel frowned.“How long will it take? I want to play with him soon.” Ezekiel walked towards his mother and hugged her.Mirabella couldn’t stop herself from
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Chapter 4: Mathilda
A week-long festivity was held in the capital for the 8th star’s birth. It had been a festive year for the people of Clandestine because two stars were born within the year. Since the 8th star was the youngest, everyone was wishing that he would be the successor to the throne.After the festivities, Dexter was excited to prepare for the guardian’s oath ceremony. Just like his people, he hoped that Prince Amiel would be his successor. He wanted Pristine’s child to be his heir so that no one would be able to ignore him. It would also boost Pristine’s standing in the imperial court.“Your Majesty! You’re early today,” Mirabella smiled when she saw the emperor walk inside Pristine’s palace.“Father, you’re going to see Prince Amiel, right?”“See…
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