Great's Ten

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Great's Ten

By: twelfth_moon Ongoing

Language: English

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Became a beat deaf, Elysian Andres was pushed to her least favorite work and watch the group she formed from afar. Throwing her dream to be the best dancer in the Philippines, she landed a job in a telecommunication company but her boss went out of bounds from his daily bullying. One wrong move and she went home jobless. But why monsters appeared in the sky one day? Elysian got separated from her only family! She must find a way to go back even if that way will completely change her physiques.


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Why rain fallen down in the wrong way?
In life, there are moments to remember and a person to cherish. Doing so you will learn to let go and decide what's best for that someone even with the expense of an unchanging decision. How will fate brought them together and how would The Great's decision will affect their lives. We will see that in my story. The tale of Great's Ten, Lychee's Melody.  --- There are a few memorable events that shook the world and had filled the books and news of how it was notorious and life threatening. Pandemic, radiation and terrorisms that decreases human populations and yet we survived. But due to that, humans had developed a cure, alternatives and anti-bodies on which successfully made activities and work to cope with the sudden changes, making it easier for people to go back to life before the pandemic. They relocate sites for infected people in every country and isolated them from the majority. They will then be held quaran
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Let's get wasted!
The morning sun kissing my skin and I went to blind tapping the table beside me but landed on the ground instead.   “Ow…ow….” Holding my head, I forced my eyes to open and see the living room that seems like being hit by a hurricane. Clothes scattered everywhere and pillows were on the floor. Good thing I wore underwear. I thought I went to my bedroom earlier…   I’m certain!   “Ely let’s eat!” Logan shouted from the kitchen and I immediately search for my phone to see the time and I immediately went to the bathroom to see I am twenty minutes late for my work.   “DON’T RUSH TOO MUCH!” Logan yelled that I ignored as I am scrambling at the bathroom and hurrying to take a bath to go to work.   “AHHHH COLD!!!” Before I grabbed the towel and went out to run towards my room, making droplets of water on the floor.   “I SAID SLOW DOWN!!”   “I AM!”
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Fair deals
    “Ely! What took you so long? We’ve been waiting for you! I am starving!” Lester greeted me while stuffing scrambled egg to his already filled mouth. Gracie smack his head that made him choke enough to look like lychees ripe enough to eat. I waited for a second before deciding to take my seat on which my brother had pulled for me.   “Good morning Ely! Feeling better?” Gracie passed me the mug of coffee and I smiled in return before looking back at Lester that had found a mug of coffee that burned his tongue which made the remaining food in his mouth fall to the ground.   “Gross.” Before I picked up some eggs and pour fried rice into my plate and then started to dig in when Logan put some hotdogs in my plate like a mother taking care of their children.   “I can do this myself Logan, eat your food now.” I instead went and given him tons of fried rice which he cooked and also the fried egg w
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What the heck, I have three legs!
They said Earth is one of those planets that orbits in one of the many universe that consists the space. Through these universe the space were harmoniously rotating on their own axis but through the selfishness of other inhabitants that wanted to claim their neighboring planet, quakes and changes in space line had affected the other planets that is near of the fault line. The stem pulsated until it grows stronger…enough to make it explode to tiny bits and pieces.   “Do you have any idea on what Earth is suffering right now?” He asked that made me nod my head. It is quite vague to understand but the gist is, the Earth is already being affected of the space line and now is in danger of exploding.   “Then what it is that make you all this gimmick of passing the trial of the Great One? Who is the Great One anyway?” My head hurts but I stand firmly, waiting for his rep
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What the heck, I have three legs! (2)
I felt like floating in the air. My body were so light I almost mistook myself as a weightless paper. A nice melody entered my ear and I unconsciouly move my body together with the rhythm. It felt so good! I hope this dream will never end. Because the feeling of dancing once again made my nerves livelier and I couldn't ask for more than to dance again in my life.    I twirl in the next tempo and landed flat into the ground. A popping sound made me do some cranking and ended it up with a suave turn but someone hit my head and I fallen flat to the ground that had awaken my senses.    I am still in an all white place...wait. This is not the place of that God! Where am I?   I lifted my upper body and I scan the surroundings. I am not the only one here which is such a relief since being alone felt more dangerous than this. Someone offered a hand in front of me and I stared at it for a long time before I finally acce
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Tutorial Floor
There is a a rabbit. He is in suits, cane and a top hat with a dangling silver chain on his waist pocket. He is standing with a height of ten feet tall. He looks like a gentleman and if I remember well, he looks like that white rabbit in alice in wonderland. He greatly resembled that rabbit.  Someone tap my shoulders and I looked to the direction only to see no one but when I lowered it a little, I saw a little boy holding a bunch of lychees in his little hands and showing it to me.  "I could get a few?" I asked and he nodded. I patted his head and get some but he is still pushing it more to me.  "This is what you meant when you said lychee earlier right?"  Holy...I looked around to check if there is someone that could hear him too but there's no one responding from him. I cleared my throat and hid my already flushing face by looking at the front and pretending to listen at the com
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