Dark Forces

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Dark Forces

By: BFJ Ongoing

Language: English

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No!!!!!! Don’t leave me Carly, don’t you dare leave me!!!……. Open your eyes Carly, please stay with me……. No!!!!!! I promised you, I will find your killer and get revenge for you..... I promise!! * * Have you ever been in a situation where your friend is been murdered in your presence and you can’t do anything about it? Have you ever seen a demon and wished so much to kill it as a human?? No!That’s crazy right??? Yeah, that’s my story……… * * * Theo Martin’s Is a young guy who wants nothing other than a good life, he stays with his friends and they struggle hard for their life. One day, on his way home with his friend, they are been attacked by a demon and his friend was killed in the process. But the death of his friend created a path of a new destiny for him as he comes across an ancient mystery that changed his life forever. WILL THEY SURVIVE?? DARK FORCES


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144 chapters
The cold and eery silent night dominated the night. Thunder struck and A dim light that could nearly be seen in the dark was revealed. The light illuminated a building that seemed like a hall and it was located in the woods.    *    “My Lord, we have to do something on what the future tells us, the boy is gonna be a threat if he acquires the dagger’s powers” a figured said while bowing down before an unknown figure.    “I know about that, but the dagger is still with me for now, I have a plan for it if it goes missing,” The unknown figure replied with his arms behind his back.    “And what plan do you have my Lord, for your servant is at your service”A figure asked.   
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Therak clicked his middle finger and a portal appeared, it closed up the moment Gomok and the doom squad walked right into it.    Therak sat on his throne as he giggled loud and laughed hysterically.    * *    Theo and Carly chatted nicely as they walked down the path.    “C’mon, you can do better than that.” Theo stated as he hit Carly slightly.    “Ooh, seems like someone has grown some big wings huh?” Carly responded teasingly as she looked straight into his eyes.    “Well...” Theo was saying when he sighted a portal opened right in front of them. 
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Let’s go, he’s dead”, one of the doom squad stated as they stared at the deep hole, turned and left. . .    THE FOREST       Theo opened his eyes the moment the sun shone brightly on his face, he staggered back on his feet and groaned as he did.    “Where am I?”he uttered as he swiftly turned around to observe his surrounding.    He groaned in pain as the memory of Carly’s dead came rushing back to him, he fell on his knees as hot tears streamed down his face. He couldn’t believe all what was happening. He felt anger and rage running down his veins, wanting to kill each and every one involved in the dead o
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“You better find it soon or else you won’t like the outcome of me.” Therak threatened and grinned evilly as the portal closed. . .    *-THE WOODS-* . . The wind blew eerily towards the silent forest, lightening struck severally as the birds hummed to the sound of a new rebirth.    Theo could be seen walking down the woods as old memories flashed through his mind, the memories came rushing back to him as he recalled the night of the incident. He saw the huge tree he hid with Carly and couldn’t help the tears that streamed down his face. He remembered her eagerness to learn the ways of newly enhanced transportations. He got to the spot where Carly died and he felt great anger an
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Theo's eyes glowed brightly as it emitted blue fire, his whole body began to burn as lightening sparked round his body, a great energy radiated from him, filing the cave with deep aura, he yelled in pain as he finally fainted on the ground. . . .    ___FEW DAYS LATER___ . .    Theo was woken up by a tap on his shoulders, he jerked up and groaned as he did.    “What the Fuck!! How did I get here??” He asked as he stood up from the bed he laid on only to find Adam almost entering.    “Guys, he’s awake.” Adam yelled as he walked towards Theo who still looked confused.   &
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“Good,now try conjuring a fireball from your hands like this” Zarnak said as he conjured a fireball from his hands and threw it at Theo.    * *    *ZARNAK’S ABODE*    Theo frozed as he saw the incoming fireball, it approached him unexpectedly but his body subconsciously moved by itself and the fireball missed its target.    Zarnak threw another fireball at him, but this time it collided with Theo as it sent him crashing to the nearest rock beside him, he slowly stirred back on his feet and noticed his bruise wound healed up immediately.    His eyes took a shade of deep blue as it emitted blue fire, his hands sparked with lightening as they folded wit
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“You heard the master, Find the dagger!!!”Gomok ordered still catching his breath.    * *    *NEXT DAY*    Theo rubbed his eyes and yawned loudly, he looked around as everything was blurry but with time everything became clear. He staggered back on his feet to observe his wounds, but they had healed up already.    “Cool” he said as he dashed towards the bathroom.    Harry walked into Theo’s room to call him out for breakfast but he wasn’t there, the sound of water splashing in the bathroom told Harry what was happening and where he was.    He turned to
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PREVIOUSLY ON DARK FORCES “We start now and I need to teach you the control of ice” Zarnak said as he folded his hands together and ice flames emited from his hands....NOW ON DARK FORCES .. The night breeze was strong as it blew past me with each minute, my servant walked down the hall of darkness as he bowed down before me. “He’s getting stronger boss, the doom squad couldn’t even stop him as he had already acquired stage 3 of the dagger’s powers.” He said and I just listened in awe while staring at him in a cold manner.I stealthily shifted from my position as I spranged up on my feet. “I know about that and he’s not yet a threat to me” I replied and my servant stared at me in disbelief, not expecting that. “I am afraid my Lord, danger lurks in t
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Hellhounds.  ______Next day______  Theo prepared and headed out to the dining for breakfast, his other friends were already there, sitting. “Where are you headed to?” Harry asked as he dipped the bread in his hand into the cup which had tea in it. ” Ummmmm, I.. I'm meeting up with a girl today.” Theo who was caught off guard quickly made up a lie.Others looked at him disbelievingly but they didn’t talk. “Well… Who knows, maybe you do actually hang out with some girl after you just vanish to God knows where.” Max stated as he took a quick glance at Theo. “I think I need to head out now, I'm running late.” Theo stated and quickly excused himself and went out. The three friends looked at each other and scoffed. “S
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“I need to get you ready.” Zarnak said as he helped Theo get back on his feet. ** The wind blew furiously as darkness filled the night, the leaves wrinkled and the sky rumbled as lightening struck severally towards the silence night, a dim light shown towards an hollow path which led to a weird building as dark aura illuminated the entire building.A figure covered with a hood could be seen stepping into the strange building, he bowed down as he approached another strange figure sitting high up on a throne. “What news do you bring?” The figure on the throne asked. “My Lord, something is wrong, a pair of strange beings attacked the boy.” The figure replied. “The hellhounds.” The one on the throne said. “Hellhounds? Aren’t they…” The minor figure said but was cut short by th
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