Doomsday: Resonant Asylum

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Doomsday: Resonant Asylum

By: Butter Ongoing

Language: English

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A detective who receives information from an anonymous informant that something suspicious is going on at that company. The detective goes there to investigate, but when he arrives, he is greeted by horror.


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111 chapters
Chapter 1
Gone With The WindA loud bang on the door awakens Gunner from his deep sleep. He groaned in frustration and, rather than answering, took a pillow and covered his face. He knows it was Gabbi and he owes her a tour here in Japan. He promised to take her to the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove on the last day of her vacation in Japan. “Hey, Gun! Open up right now! You said you were going to tour me in Kyoto!" she yelled from behind the closed door. After hearing this, Gunner groans and finally gets out of bed to open the door for her. His hair was shabby and used to be slicked. He let her into his cluttered room, and he was unsurprised by her reaction. "Oh my goodness! Is this your space?” she exclaimed, and he simply nodded his head in response. 
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Chapter 2
The sunrise transformed the greens and blues into a new and vibrant glow. Sunrise appeared as a golden portal to a world of eternal light. The sunrise arrived as if it had missed the sky and wanted nothing more than to warm those blues to a gleaming gold. As if igniting the most perfect flame, the setting sun illuminated the blue. Emotions, to me, are spectrums rather than absolutes or destinations. As a result, I see a range that blends from sad to neutral to happy. For the most part, I stay on the positive side of neutral, allowing "happier" feelings to come through as bursts of color. This is a way of being that I enjoy. It makes me somewhat immune to depression and provides a level of emotional robustness from which others can co-regulate. Those who regard "sad" and "happy" as absolutes, in my opinion, are doomed to
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Chapter 3
That's all there was to it in the email. And I had the impression that whoever sent this to me was squished for time and finding it difficult to type words. "WIC Company?" He muttered into the thin air and combed his hair with his fingers. He looked out the window at the full moon and dark sky. He hadn't even realized it was nighttime. "How am I going to get there?" He sighed, knowing that the company was only for employees or unless they were invited. Gunner taps the table, deep in thought. The email piqued his interest to the point where he wanted to go. He enjoys revealing secrets, which he and his twin brother do together. “Astral?" He asked himself and looked it up on the internet.  The term "astral" refers to a supposed nonphysical realm of existence to which various psychic and paranormal phenomena are attributed and to w
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Chapter 4
Gunner finally decided to leave after an hour of deliberation in his room. He took his belt bag and put everything he needed in it. He only needs a fully charged phone and a fully charged power bank (50000mAh) in case of an emergency. More importantly, he should put his phone on silent mode. Because everything operates in silence. Gunner has an uneasy feeling about the WIC company and the person who sends him an email.He only had his phone as a weapon. If that email is true, the truth will be revealed. He took his belt bag and exited his room. He checked his wristwatch, which indicated that it was nine o'clock in the evening. Gunner is unconcerned about their town's curfew, which is ten o'clock at night. His mind was occupied by the name of his twin brother, and all he wanted to do right now was take part of that company. "Hey buddy, where you at?" Sam inquired as he walked past his dorm. Gunner responded with a
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Chapter 5
Winston Company Winston stands for Welfare and Institutions Code that is run by the government and scientists. It was first built in Arizona in the U.S States but the government kicked them out of the country because of their lunatic experiments. So the WIC Company rested for at least eight years and since then no one has heard of them. And those years passed became the service of war. The WIC built their company again in Japan. At first, people out there were glorious because they could have a better job with a high-paying salary and incentives, but as days passed by, Japan itself had lost men.  Many young boys and old men had been missing since they had been working at that company. People began to protest about their concern about the government putting the company in prison. But because the WIC Company was strong to the government, they all closed their ears to the plea of the people. Since the government is also preparing for a war
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Chapter 6
The wind rustles as rushing footsteps run through the dry leaves at the heart of the forest. He was catching his breath as he thumped his foot on the ground. The forest was full of everlasting tall trees with no sight of safe ground. All he could see was an ever-lasting hallway for him to run and he could also hear the rustling wind that was chasing him. He already couldn't feel his feet running on the ground. He felt like he was running in the wind due to his pace and if anything hit him he was sure that he would stumble. It was a harsh wind, an icy wind that he did not want to be apart from.  Rugged and icy fog came out of his mouth as he took a breath. “I’m going to make it,” he says in a slow voice while catching his breath. Trying to convince himself that he is not going to die. Not today and not tomorrow, but not until he saw that thing out there, his knees were weakened by the horror that he had witnessed. 
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Chapter 7
There were a lot of questions running in his mind. How on earth would he ever take the lead on his brother in this kind of situation? He looked like shit and couldn't even think straight. What will happen to him now and why does he look like a puppet?  He looked again at his reflection in the mirror and averted his eyes back. He couldn’t stand what he was looking at. He wanted to scream for help. The place that he is at is surely hell. He was in deep thought and he could even hear his heart beat thumping so fast. He was afraid and he admitted that. He is alive but it looks like he was sent to hell to live because he doesn't know when.  A noise of scissors like it was sharpening it. Footsteps approaching where his direction is. It was echoing in the whole room and he thought
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Chapter 8
Gunner would not employ the use of a flashlight even though the hallway was dim, as the lights were not bright enough. His eyes are still adjusting to it. He was right, something was not right there. The place was totally different and as crazy as he thought, but he had a strong feeling that his twin brother was there. But right now, at where he was standing from where he had just landed, he could feel staring behind his back. He doesn’t want to look back, but his body betrays him.He did look back.But he couldn't see anything, and he was in complete darkness. He checked his belt bag to see if it contained anything that was unusual and, therefore, his things were still intact, ensuring that everything was all right.He still cautiously walked down the hallway, carefully not making any noise. He still does not know what the place is. From what he knows and what he has seen in the magazines, the building was originally accentuated with white tiles since it is where medicines are manuf
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Trust your guts and you can never go wrong. That is what the detectives do, but in his case, he did not listen to his own guts, but instead, he is now gripping the doorknob and ready to open it.There is no going back if he opens this one.A noise of creaking made the whole corner as he began to slowly open the door. His hands were shaking and he had to admit that he was a little bit scared.Once he had opened the door, he was welcomed by a steel bars. It was dark and he couldn't see what was inside. He held his phone and tapped the flashlight icon. He slowly lighted the room to see what was inside and why those steel bars existed.But there was nothing. Nothing was in the room, only clothes and a retarded bed and table. But the smell was made to make you vomit if you are not used to the kind of smell.He slowly closes the door and decides to open the next one behind it. As soon as he opened the door, a dusty smoke came out, unlike the other one. It also had steel bars and again he us
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Gunner looked at his phone to see if it was in silent mode. He sees this thing in the movie, that the main hero always has his or her phone at a ringtone so they will be caught. Gunner was fond of watching movies. Unlike his twin brother Slasher, he was fond of reading books.The cabinet that he was in was as hot as an oven, but he must rather penetrate the heat than be caught. He saw a small hole in the cabinet where he could see what was happening outside. He took a peak and saw at least two men. The one was wearing a white coat that looked like a doctor and the other one was wearing nothing. He couldn’t see their faces because their backs were facing him.They looked like they were busy inspecting something on the table. Gunner skeptically looked at the man who was naked and he had a lot of scratches or bruises and dried blood. The back was so familiar to him that he almost took a deep breath which would cause a noise, but he immediately covered his mouth.It was the man who was fo
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