The Aurora Saints

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The Aurora Saints

By: KaruMe13 Ongoing

Language: English

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In Aurora Divine Realm, humans were no longer constrained by their original physical limitations. Everyone was working toward breaking through their limitations. When a shabby young man obtained a seven-colored crystal from a Gold-feeding Chrysalis, everything began to change!

50 chapters
Chapter 1 Reigniting Passion
In an endless wilderness, Dorian Russell leaned behind a mound. He held a hardtack and carefully broke it in half before putting one half of it along with the crumbs into his mouth. Then, he slowly chewed it.Suddenly, Dorian’s body trembled slightly. Delight burned in his eyes. “Found it!”Something abruptly shot up from the mound. Dorian’s eyes flashed. The next moment, the afterimage of a rabbit with a burning tail flickered in the air before transforming into a brooch-sized charm, and it stuck itself to Dorian’s calf.Whoosh!Red light flashed on Dorian’s calf, and the next thing he knew, he was sprinting five or six meters forward. In a flash, he arrived at the top of the mound.He saw a rabbit with a blazing fireball for a tail, not far away from him. It was struggling to break free from an animal trap.Dorian quickly ran over to it. At the same time, he pulled out a sharpened short blade, aimed it at the rabbit, and ended its life.Later, a faint red glow slowly rose fr
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Chapter 2 First Battle
“Kid, what did you just put into your pocket just now?! Surrender it now!”Mr. Shorty rushed over to Dorian. He widened his pea-sized eyes, and a hideous smile appeared on his chubby face.“I don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s already late. I have to go back to the camp.”Dorian carried the Flame-tailed Rabbit’s carcass, turned around, and left.Mr. Shorty was enraged and yelled at him.“Stand there!”Dorian did not pause mid-stride. Instead, a flash appeared before him. The Flame-tailed Rabbit’s martial spirit transformed into a charm. Red glow appeared under Dorian’s feet. The next moment, he sprinted six to seven meters forward. “Pfft! It’s just a mystic-grade Flame-tailed Rabbit’s martial spirit. Rubbish!”Mr. Shorty snorted disdainfully. He then looked at Mr. Tall next to him. Likewise, there was a hint of disdain in Mr. Tall’s eyes. The phantom of a hound appeared behind him in a flash. The next moment, Mr. Tall’s lower legs transformed into a pair of sturdy
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Chapter 3 Collect a Debt
“Jane, you said that your husband has resigned from his job, borrowed a loan, and later on, left everything behind, and fled on his own. Do you mean that we’ve been too cold-blooded for not showing pity to you and your children?”Dorian’s family had rented an apartment. Inside the unit, one big guy took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit up his cigarette without hesitation while speaking to the two women in front of him. “However, it’s only right to pay back debts. And, the deadline for repayment is approaching. You are giving us a headache if you still can’t afford to pay back your debts. Moreover, my brothers have a few screws loose in their heads. Whenever they get annoyed, they tend to commit some unscrupulous deeds. By that time, I can’t guarantee you that they won’t get someone killed in your house.”Hades Murphy flicked the cigarette ash as he spoke in such a threatening tone.“Hades, we truly don’t have the money to pay back to you now. Can you spare us another few da
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Chapter 4 Urgency in Raising Money
“Urm…”Hades was dumbstruck when he saw Dorian’s series of actions. He still could not react to the situation.The laws on Earth treated humans with martial spirits and normal humans slightly differently. Regardless, the core point was that no one could hurt another person without any proper reasons.That was also the reason Hades and his gang kept their hands off Jane and Daisy and merely threatened them with words.Thinking of this, Hades kept his cool. He stared at Dorian and spoke with sarcasm.“Haha! What a joke! Dorian, we’re all grown-ups. You should think before you speak. Do you really think you can pay back your father’s debt worth 1,000,000 Aurora dollars tomorrow? What happens if you flee with your family tomorrow? Where should I look for you? Do I have to find your father?” “I am not the type of person who refuses to pay back the debt. If I fail to pay back the debts to you tomorrow, I’ll give you my transmission card in return.”Dorian replied to Hades indifferent
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Chapter 5 Seven-colored Crystal   
Despite the fact that the Gold-feeding Chrysalis before Dorian was the size of a thumb, it was a genuine desert-grade mystical beast.Most people who entered Aurora Divine Realm might not be able to see a desert-grade mystical beast even once in their lives.As for Dorian, he still could not believe he had hunted down a desert-grade mystical beast even now. If not for the fact that he felt the desert-grade Gold-feeding mystical beast martial spirit in his body, Dorian would have thought that it was only a dream.He shook his head and did not want to ponder it over. He took out a small knife and began to peel off the outer shell of the Gold-feeding Chrysalis skillfully.Dorian had killed so many mystic-grade Gold-feeding Chrysalis to the point that he could no longer gain more DP from it. As such, he was extremely skillful in dissecting Gold-feeding Chrysalis.Although the Gold-feeding Chrysalis before Dorian was a desert-grade mystical beast, Dorian could see that its internal str
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Chapter 6 Ability 
In just a while, the room was filled with the aroma of cooked meat. Dorian approached the pot and lifted the lid. He took the meat, blew at it, and then ate it.After Dorian ate the desert-grade mystical beast’s meat, the benefits of eating the meat became apparent.Dorian’s stomach felt warm at first. The heat then gradually spread throughout his internal organs, eventually reaching his entire body and limbs.In such an indescribable situation, Dorian felt his physical constitution had improved a lot. His speed, agility, and explosiveness had greatly improved. Dorian tried to practice a few fighting skills which he had learned from the martial art classes in school on Earth, only to realize that his body had become much more flexible compared to last time and that he had become more skillful at fighting. No wonder so many people fought for desert-grade mystical beasts. It was a gem itself…Dorian stared at the remainder of the Gold-feeding Chrysalis, its outer shell, as he tho
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Chapter 7 A Big Splurge
‘I’ve bumped into a rich man…’Dorian inexplicably thought of this as he stared at the young man before him who was fully-covered with armor, knee pads, chest armor, and other protective gear.As far as everyone was concerned, all thermal weapons had lost their effectiveness in Aurora Divine Realm. However, other weapons were still functional.Apart from weapons, humans also brought protective gear to Aurora Divine Realm. However, there were only a few protective gears that could truly defend humans against powerful mystical beasts in a battle. They would cost at least tens of thousands of dollars.The young man’s protective gear should have been made by the same person. His protective gear shone brightly under the sunlight. The gleaming streamline exuded aesthetic beauty while also take on the appearance of convincing protection.Dorian was convinced that all the protective gear was worth at least millions of dollars.“Ahem… I’m sorry. I’m a little overexcited. I’m Logan Kainat.
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Chapter 8 Fury
Dorian arrived at the teleport station on Earth.Dorian, who was eager to go home, took large strides out of the teleport station and boarded a maglev by the side that was heading to his home.“Do you really think Dorian is able to pay back all his debts?”Several buff guys squatted outside the rented apartment. They shared a casual talk while smoking cigarettes. “Regardless, it’s best that he couldn’t repay his debts. Hades would then receive his transmission card, allowing him to enter the Aurora Divine Realm. Once Hades secured a good life in the realm, he could bring pride to us…”“That’s right…”Hades squatted at the top of the stairs. He did not respond to flattery from his subordinates. He smoked his cigarettes with greater zeal.He recalled Dorian’s firm, confident, and cool gaze as he made his promise to him a few hours ago. He believed that Dorian did not make his promise in haste. For some reason, he had a strong feeling that Dorian would be able to pay back 1,000
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Chapter 9 Change Place to Live
“Don’t come near us! I’ve taken the photo of you striking my brother! Just stand there if you don’t want us to file a police report!”Among the three men who stood there, when the man at the forefront saw Dorian turn around and stare at them, he quickly raised his mobile phone and shouted at him.“He’s right! How dare you strike our brother so hard?! If you don’t compensate us with 100,000 Aurora dollars, we will file a lawsuit against you!”“I say there's no need for us to waste our time with him. Call the cops right away to have him arrested!”The other two men next to him played along with him.Their expressions had changed. Unlike how they had appeared when they wreaked havoc on Dorian’s house a while ago, they all looked to be righteous people who despised evil now.   “Ahem… Dorian, how can you simply lay a hand on us? Look at what you’ve done to my house? If you don’t compensate me with a sum of money, I’ll file a police report!”Aaron had been hiding in a corner inside t
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Chapter 10 Windwolf Mountain
After Dorian and his family moved into a new apartment and settled down in their new home, he gave 100,000 Aurora dollars to Jane and Daisy before departing from his house and heading back to the Aurora Divine Realm once again. When he arrived at Celestial Camp, Dorian noticed that the crowded street in the camp had become unusually quiet. Many people hurried down the street in hasty footsteps and hurried out of the camp anxiously.“What’s going on?”Dorian spoke to himself as he watched the people disappearing out of his sight in puzzlement.Later, Dorian quietly followed behind a team that looked like they were preparing to go out of the camp. He overheard their conversation.“Windwolf Mountain has caused quite a commotion this time. The chiefs from the four greatest associations are heading there.”“Of course! After all, a desert-grade mystical beast has appeared! Who wouldn’t want to own it when they see one?”“We should forget about the desert-grade mystical beast. It’s be
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