Versatile System Online

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Versatile System Online

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THE WORLD CHANGED, EARTH ADVANCED AND HUMANITY REACHES NEW HEIGHTS. BUT WHO KNEW THAT IT WOULD SPELL IMPENDING DISASTER. ------------ At first, it was just venturing to space. Then new technology came and changed how humans lived. However, it was not the most impressive thing, the most impressive and ground breaking advancement was the advancement of technology to such an extent that the barrier between virtual reality and real world broke down when "SYSTEM ONLINE" got released with all of its mysteries and let people acquire superhuman powers through systems in real life. Let's join RAY, our main character who delves into the mysterious world of system online a hundred years after its release in a bid to become stronger ad help his family out...... ____________________________________________________ "AUTHOR NOTE: AM A NEW WRITER SO PLEASE PERSERVE WITH ME AND DONT DROP UNTIL A COUPLE DOZEN CHAPTERS AS I HAVE A VERY GOOD STORY IN MIND, MOREOVER I WILL TRY MY BEST POST REGULARLY AS I ALSO HAVE MY SCHOOL, MOREOVER PLZ POINT OUT ANY IMPROVEMENTS I COULD MAKE "


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Welcom To System Online
The technology within the world had reached such standards that humans were able to traverse different & vast spaces. Moreover, with technology game capsules also reached new standards & the concept of virtual reality had been enhanced by Leaps & bounds. Games got more realistic and in-game physics also reached such a level that it would not be so soon until the barrier between virtual life & real life got broken down.* * * * Then one day, in the year 2250. A new ultra-realistic virtual game got released that should change all of the previous laws & physics of virtual reality. This game was known as System online. This game was said to be ultra-realistic as there was no distinction between the real world and the virtual world. Furthermore, the most mysterious part of the game was that if one person got strong in the game, that would also take effect in real life. The game required one to be at least 16 years old & to play by acquiring the system within the game while evolving &
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Obtaining A System
Ray was at first dazed as he saw all of this because it seemed so unreal.A few seconds later,The welcome notification faded & another notification appeared,"You are now being teleported to the starting grounds, where all of the new players would get their introduction to the game and also activate their system". Right after the message disappeared Ray's consciousness got pulled into another plane. Over there he was standing on a grassy land with a cold breeze blowing over his face, making his silky hair wave in the air. Moreover, due to his good looks, some females were continuously eyeing him, yet Ray as always was oblivious to it all. He looked around the whole terrain, he seemed a bit dazed at the scenery in front of him as the place looked extremely beautiful.After he got accustomed to the beautiful terrain, Ray looked around & saw a lot of players present over there, so he began to carefully observe the area around him. As Ray was observing everything, unbeknownst to him a
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The System
Although Ray thought that something was wrong with him, he probably knew in his heart that all of it was happening and there was more to the voice, therefore he carefully asked, " Uhm!!! Who is it speaking, I mean who is in my consciousness"Although it sounded strange Ray had to ask something or he might as well drown in spit for not even being daring enough to confront someone within his consciousness. However, who would have known he would get such a reply as,An extremely angry female voice shouted in his mind, "Ahhh, what the hell do you mean who is in your consciousness, isn't it obvious you moron, I'm your system and for your kind information I just woke up from a slumber of millennia and that's how you greet me ???" The voice sounded again however a bit calmer," And yeah, some systems can converse with their host due to them having their consciousness although rare "Ray, who had just got scolded in the first confrontation with his system did not know what to say, A mille
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Training Hall
Ray then took out a map from his inventory as this was one of the basic things that came with the system, along with some copper coins and some more things used for basic survival.After checking the map to find his current location, Ray noticed that he was near the borders of the 'RYSAL EMPIRE'. This empire was an ancient empire that had ruled with the same noble lineage since its creation. Thus, Ray looked and saw that the nearest city to his location was a small trade city that also served as a stronghold for the military. Moreover, although the city was small, due to several connections of trade routes & being near the borders of the empire, it garnered a lot of revenue. Now that his destination was settled. Ray looked for the safest, route to the city to avoid any confrontation with wild beasts.Although Ray believed that he had the power to defeat any basic tier beasts & escape from intermediate tier beasts, he did not want to take chances as he just got the system & did not
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Relying On The System Too Much
Ray started to use the training dummy to level up his skills & increase his proficiency in using them. Therefore, he used the settings on the training dummy for it to allow the dummy to block Ray's attacks like a novice fighter, and sure enough, after he started attacking the dummy, the dummy only defended, parried, or dodged his attacks, for an hour, Ray only used his attacking skill,[SLASH LV-1]',to fiercely attack the dummy however, he just exhausted himself with no attack hitting the dummy. After an hour of exhaustion, Ray looks for a break. While recovering his stamina, Ray thought back to every time he attacked and realized that, although he could execute his skill, there was nothing but brutality and mindless attacking from his side, and he just seemed to lose his rationality while attacking. Therefore he got up and changed his approach towards attacking the dummy, & unlike his way of attacking like a brute, he beds the dummy and, kept an eye on its movements. He did this
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Silver Furred Wolf
On the outskirts of the city, A young teenager was venturing towards the vast forests near the city, while adorned in travelers clothing. The young man looked barely 16, but any onlooker would be shocked if looked directly at his black eyes they would notice the flame of passion burning fiercely within his eyes. Of course, this teenager was none other than Ray & right now he was advancing towards the "silent Night forest". This was the forest located near the outskirts of the city, that stretched for more than 3000 miles. Moreover, this forest had several strong beasts that resided at the core of the forest, while the beasts that resided near or at the core of the forest were strong. The Lord of the forest was an Earth Dragon who was currently an existence within the celestial Realm, meaning that the Lord of the forest had long since freed itself from the chains of time and had become an immortal that could live for as long as it got stronger and it currently had thousands of years
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Fighting A Pack Of Wolves
A series of notifications sounded within his consciousness stating, -Ding!!!,"Skill:- [Lightning bolt] has leveled up. [Lightning bolt] - Level 2 [0/150].Ray saw the notification & was quite relieved when he got another notification.-Ding!!, "Skill [SLASH] has leveled up.". [SLASH]: Level 3-(0/300).Ray was very happy, now that he had leveled up another skill, he could also feel getting stronger.Thus, Ray got up and pierced the wolf's body to search for its spirit core. After about a minute of searching, Ray found the wolf's spirit core. It looked like an uneven sphere with rough edges & seemed as if a murky cloud of blackness remained moving within the spirit core. Without a second glance, Ray put the spirit core within his system inventory,Ray had enough space to store a lot of things infinitely in his system inventory to the fact that 'Aurora' was a system that reigned supreme, while only systems of a higher grade had an inventory space of their own.Ray kept the wolf's corps
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Logging Out
Ray was exhausted beyond point, he could feel his head spinning and was even unable to read any system notifications that sounded within his consciousness.However, after the notifications sounded, a surge of energy came from the system that not only helped his condition but even increased his power..."This..", Ray mumbled under his breath.Ray stood up from the ground and looked at his limbs as he felt an immeasurable amount of power coursing through his body.Moreover, he felt that after the battle he felt a bit freer, as if some unknown shackles that bounded him, had weakened to an extent.------------------------------------------------------------------Little did Ray know how much shock he caused Aurora. Right now Aurora was in such disbelief that she could not comprehend what happened before, because after Ray defeated the last two wolves & fell to the ground he had accumulated a lot of experience points.Thus, the system leveled up.Meaning, that Ray had increased his strength
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Therefore, Ray did not head outside and instead conversed with Aurora.Hence he spoke,"Hey Aurora, are you there?".To which she responded, Yeah! I am here what do you want to ask "Surprisingly, this time Aurora's voice sounded quite energetic, which left Ray baffled for a second."Huh!!", Umm... So I wanted to ask you about something""Yeah shoot",Indeed!!, Aurora is quite approachable, unlike, last time when she outright rejected to speak to him or either sounded too lazy or grumpy to answer him.Little did Ray know that Aurora was always an upright & bright person while the reason she replied to Ray grumpily was that she wanted Ray not to rely on her & get stronger by using his fists and no shortcuts.Then Ray simply asked,"Well..., could you show me my improvements and detailed information about every reward or experience point I gained since " Ray then nervously added, " Moreover, if you don't want to then it's okay, just tell me how to do so and I will do it myself"Listenin
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Making Preparations
Ray along with his mother and sister sat down at the dining table to have dinner. The whole family had a good time and Ray treasured such moments when their whole family sat together peacefully, even if they did menial things like eating along with the small talk. They always did find a way to make such small moments into the best moments of their life. After having dinner with his family, they all chatted for a while until Ray's adorable little sister felt sleepy and his mother took her to bed. While Ray's mother took his little sister Katie to bed, Ray just sat down on the couch and reminisced about all the good times they have as a family and as Ray reminisced about such times, his heartfelt calmer. However, as Ray was feeling calmer and better, his mother came and sat down on a chair opposite the couch while she asked him a simple question that even he did not know how to answer. "So... how was your day and what did you do after obtaining your system ". She asked this questio
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