My Wish with Malice Aforethought

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My Wish with Malice Aforethought

By: King Noran Ongoing

Language: English

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Kimberlain Frost is the daughter of Archduke Frost. A bright inventor with nothing but hopes for the future, she was filled love from the people around her despite the usually stoic nature. A future even brighter than herself awaited the lady. But... one night, her future changed. She sets on a dark path towards an even darker future to find the darkest man responsible of it all.

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    1 chapters
    I had a friend that liked telling stories, even create them. They were as vast as the stars, as meticulous as the human mind.One of my favorites is the story of a lonely child that found paradise, or perhaps about a wise king fell of madness. He had seemingly infinite stories that I wondered how all of it managed fit inside my finite head.We would meet underneath a large oak tree and like an old adventurer, he would tell me all of them with vivid detail. Once, I remember myself wondering, but now I couldn’t care less how he knew these stories.The important thing is that… sometimes, they were sad.At times, aggravating.Weird at some point.Most times happy. Those times were good-“Forgive me Meister, but why are we doing this inside a forest again?”Oh, pardon me. I have to deal with this first.“Because this forest is nice and dark. Perfect for our project. We’ll also
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