The Rise of the Rubbish Swordsman

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The Rise of the Rubbish Swordsman

By: Gui Wu Sha1 Ongoing

Language: English

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He, who was known as a Master Swordsman in his previous life, was reborn in the Dou Cultivation Word. Through practicing swordsmanship, he made a name for himself and became an excellent swordsman. He turns the whole world upside down and stands out among them all and attracts all the girls...


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420 chapters
Volume 1, Chapter 1 Young Lord of the Han Family
It rained continuously, the willow trees drooped, and the dusk of the Donghua Prefecture's Gushui Town was immersed in a desolate of darkness.The town was quite large. In the easternmost area, there was a huge manor. It was the residence of the Han family, the largest family in Gushui Town., There were dozens of various sizes compounds in the manor, which connected by a winding corridor. If one were to look down from above, it would appear impressive!At this moment, in a courtyard of the Han family, a room were brightly lit!""On the Eternal Heaven Continent, there are many different factions. Amongst them, the Dou Cultivation faction is the most sought after! Regardless of number or strength, the Dou Cultivation faction is not something that other factions can be compared to in any country!""Under the rain curtain, the decoration of the room was extremely exquisite. All the luxurious furniture was shiny under the light. In the glowing light, an old man sat on the opposite side of
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Chapter 2 Nine Swords Tactics
""Han Lin, why aren't you sleeping yet?""Upon hearing this, Han Lin turned his head and looked. When he saw the appearance of the person who had arrived, he smiled slightly and said, ""Han Lin pays his respects to second uncle!""It turned out that this slightly majestic voice belonged to Han Zhenshan, Han Lin's second uncle. In addition to some accounting affairs in the family, Han Zhenshan was also in charge of the library of the Han family.This Second Uncle took good care of Han Lin on most days. After all, Han Lin's father, also his Second Uncle's biological brother, died accidentally, leaving only this one bloodline. Therefore, he took good care of Han Lin!However, in the eyes of all the Han family members, in addition to especially liking Han Lin, this Second Uncle also had another common feature— Fear his wife!Now that he smelled the strong smell of alcohol on his uncle and saw the roll of bedding in his arms, Han Lin deliberately asked, ""Uncle, what are you...""Without wa
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Chapter 3 Thank You for Your Help
Although the Han family's lumberyard was specially managed, but now it was not the time to cut down the trees. At the same time, this forest was very close to Gushui Town and Han family's house, so the Han family had always regarded it as a backyard and had never cut it down here.Therefore, if it was in summer, there would often be people coming they often come to play under the waterfall and in the river. However, when it was in winter, it was usually deserted off the beaten track!But now, Han Lin had silently emerged from the cave behind the waterfall. He had already seen the three burly men standing not far away.What's more, in the middle of the three men, there was a girl in white clothing was lying slanting. There was blood at the corner of her mouth, and she seemed to have fainted. Besides, there was another person lying on the grass not far from her. The blood that kept gushing out of her chest had dyed a small piece of the ground around her into red.""They are not from A
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Chapter 4 ""I don't want her!""
""Fortunately, Bai Bu was not hurt. It's just that it was too frightened and needed to rest!""An old but thick voice that carried some luck and joy sounded in the Han Family's Meeting Room in a deep voice.The hall was exceedingly spacious, and a large flag with the character ""Han"" was hung at the innermost part of the hall. The garb was wrapped in gold, giving it a grand and dignified appearance. On the large flag sat an old man wearing a purple robe. He appeared to be over seventy years old, with a square face and wide ears, and a slight smile on his face, appearing incomparably benevolent.He was none other than the Han Family's Patriarch, Han Lin's grandfather, Han Wufeng!Hearing his words, an old man sitting on one side of the hall frowned and said coldly, ""No harm? Geezer Han, a servant of my family was killed in your forest, and Bai Bu was almost killed. Do you want to give us such an explanation?""The old man's name was Bai Bishan. His twin brother, Bai Bifeng, was the cur
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Chapter 5 Auntie Xiao Lan added.
Bai Bi Shan was indeed worthy of being the second leader of the Bai Family in Tianshui City. As a cultivator, he had already reached the middle Realm of instantaneous cultivation. With such a strength and a furious palm, a faint shadow of a palm as big as a table was formed in front of him.The moment he struck out with his palm, the air within the hall was affected by his Qi, causing it to emit waves of sharp rumbling sounds! If such a powerful palm were to strike Han Lin's back, this brat would have died at least ten times over!Seeing this, Han Wufeng and Han Zhenshan were both furious and rushed out.Unfortunately, the two of them merely had the strength of the Fourth Realm ""Qi"" as Cultivation of the Dou Cultivation realm. They were far inferior to Bai Bi Shan. Hence, it was basically impossible for them to rescue Han Lin!""Han Lin...""""Lin'er!""Despair appeared in their eyes as they watched the giant palm grow closer and closer to Han Lin.""Second Uncle, calm down!"" At this
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Chapter 6 Inner Canon of Yan Huang
It turned out that Han Lin's aunt had an extraordinary family background!Although Xiao Lan's family isn't big, and they live deep in the mountains, their Xiao family is a well-known family of medical practitioners. Almost everyone in the family is proficient in the medical skills in Xianyu Country. Even an eight or a-nine years old children usually have the ability to help heal and relieve pain.As for the Xiao Clan's Patriarch, every single generation possessed miraculous medical skills like being able to revive deadwood and being reborn!Having grown up in such a family, Xiao Lan had a deep understanding of medicine.Seeing that Han Lin was hesitating, she said directly: ""The heavy blow you took just now... even if it was a Fifth Realm of Condensation Master, he would still be killed in a single blow! Regarding that, shouldn't you give us an explanation?""Han Wufeng suddenly thought of something when he heard this, and he cried out involuntarily. ""Exactly! With Bai Xueli's init
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Chapter 7 Three Strangers
Han Feng was Han Zhenshan's eldest son, three years older than Han Lin. Since Han Lin's cultivation had not improved since he was five years old, Han Feng had become the most outstanding and promising member of the younger generation in the Han family.Originally, Han Feng attended the Town Competition which would determine the ownership of the lumberyard. But now, Han Feng almost lost the chance to participate!""Who did this?""In Han Feng's room, Han Wufeng's face was ashen as he looked at Han Feng's personal guard.""It's... It's three teenagers of unknown origin!"" The guard lowered his head and broke out in a cold sweat. ""In addition to them, there's also Huang Tianbiao, the Young Lord of the Huang family. He's the one who stirred up trouble!""It turned out that today, Han Feng was patrolling his family's lumberyard with two guards as usual, in case someone took advantage of the seedlings to secretly cut down the immature seedlings.Halfway through their patrol, they met Huang
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Chapter 8 Young Master Tuoba
""He has reached the Dou Cultivation of the Fourth Realm of Qi the moment he attacks!""At this time, both Han Wufeng and Han Zhenshan were shocked. They regretted agreeing to let Han Lin fight and teach the other a lesson.Last time, when they kept pestering and asking, Han Lin told them something about the Inner Canon of Yan Huang. At the same time, they saw an absolutely shocking scene—Han Lin had a faint light that could only be seen in the Fourth Realm of Qi.In other words, Han Lin had indeed been hiding his strength!But no matter what, even if he no longer concealed his strength, he would at most have just reached the Dou Cultivation at the Fourth Realm of Qi!His current opponent was a Dou Cultivation who had easily reached the peak of the Fourth Realm of Qi the moment he attacked. Wouldn't Han Lin suffer a huge loss if this opponent was to hold back?After all, from the moment they knew that Han Lin had become stronger and had infinite potential, Han Wufeng and Han Zhensh
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Chapter 9 Using the Tiger Skin as a Flag
With a heart-wrenching scream, the blade on Tuoba's left hand disappeared. He hurriedly covered his right arm with his left hand, and his whole body flew out horizontally.It was not until he was tens of feet away that he fell again...""How is this possible?""""This isn't real...""Seeing this, Huang Tianbiao and Huang Zongren opened their eyes wide and cold sweat kept rolling down their foreheads. A Dou Cultivation at the Sixth Realm of Forming was inexplicably plotted against by someone in the Han family.""Has Tong Dali left yet?""At the same time, Han Wufeng and Han Zhenshan were standing side by side, tilting their heads forward in confusion.Hearing the old man's question, Han Zhenshan swallowed and said, ""Go... go! Before Tong Dali was seriously injured, so he was indeed at the peak of the Sixth Realm of Forming. But after coming to our Han family, he was only at the Fifth Realm of Condensation the ... It couldn't be him...""""Then, who else in the family is a Dou Cultivation
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Chapter 10 Lady Moon
""Tianshui City's Imperial Clan? Doesn't that mean...""""Is she the one of Lady Butterfly, Lady Moon, Southern War Halberd, Sword of silences' Lady Moon?""The Immortal Assembling War Butterfly, the Eight Charms Imperial Moon, the Southern King's War Halberd, and the Mo Wenyi Sword were originally the four treasures of the Tianshui City! Among them, the Lady Moon and the Lady Butterfly were the two supreme beauties. Whether it was their appearances, intelligence, or the power behind them, they were all beyond imagination!The Southern War Halberd and Sword of Silence were two different weapons called the sharpest weapons in Tianshui City!Han Wufeng and Han Zhenshan were both shocked by the girl's words.After all, besides the Bai Clan and Liu Clan, there was also the Zhao Clan. Moreover, no matter if it was strength or status, the Zhao Clan was more than 10 times stronger than the other two clans!Because the Patriarch of the Zhao Clan was precisely the Half-King of the Sky Empire
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