The Top

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The Top

By: Shi Yue Liu Nian1 Ongoing

Language: English

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A man with a huge sword, a monkey fighting wild, a bird covering the sky. So what if I become a demon? what if I become Buddha? Do as I please, not being afraid of the world judging my merits and demerits. Riding a dragon sparrow in the air and with a giant sword in his hand, he bravely fought six rounds on his own. Bristling with anger for the beauty, he brandished the sword, causing bloody corpse full street. He can get anything he wants! This is the life Luo Yu wants! To reach the top, search for your cultivation road.


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270 chapters
Chapter 1 Rebirth Tribulation and the Reincarnation of a Bad Star?
At night, the silver moon hung in the sky like a jade plate, emitting a faint cold light.In the Luo clan, there was an ancient manor which occupied a large amount of land. At this moment, the lights were dim. A beautiful woman was lying on a soft rocking chair outside the window in an exquisite courtyard with her belly puffed out. Nalan Fang’s hand rubbed the child in her belly and the moonlight was shining on her face. A black shadow passed through the manor under the cover of night. Clearly, it was extremely familiar with the Luo clan. Its movements were as agile as a ghost.“Babe, your incompetent father has been in Qingyang City for such a long time and has not yet to return. Don’t tell me that something has happened to him?” Nalan Fang gently stroke the baby as she muttered to herself, feeling a little worried.""Who!Swoosh!Nalan Fang suddenly cried out in a lovely voice. A white light broke through the window in a lightning-like manner and shot toward Nalan Fang. Although
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Chapter 2 Emergence
A month after this, many maids in the Luo Family Manor came in and out of the house. Their faces were nervous, but their movements were hurried and orderly. Today was the day of the birth of the child of the Master. ""Quickly take the basin!""""Where are the scissors?"" The cry of the midwife came from the room from time to time.Luo Xingchen looked at the maid coming in and out of the room. He was pacing back and forth, and the anxiousness in his heart was the evidence. He could hear his wife’s painful moans from time to time, and he became even more anxious. Several times he wanted to rush into the room, but he was afraid of disturbing her delivery, so he could only stop in his tracks. At the same time, he silently muttered in his heart, My little ancestor, stop tormenting your mother and quickly be born obediently....How could Luo Yu not want to descend to the mortal world? However, the palm strike from the assassin a few days ago didn’t take Luo Yu’s life, but it changed his fetus
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Chapter 3 Testing Talent
The Luo Family square was the place where the Luo Family usually held large gatherings. At this time, more than 500 members of the Luo Family gathered here. The Luo Family was an ancient martial arts master in Baixia Town. Today, it was the martial arts test held every five years. The younger generation of the Luo Family above five years would be sent here to be assessed by their parents to see if they could practice martial arts. This was of great importance to the Luo Family.This was the starting point of the Ancient Martial Arts cultivation. The number of disciples of the Ancient Martial Arts who could cultivate was related to the inheritance of the Luo Family's bloodline and the prosperity of the family.Many ordinary disciples turned from sparrows into phoenixes at this time, but there were also some who were favored by others and were beaten down to the human world because of their unwell cultivation.Luo Xingchen, Luo Xinghe and the eight elders of the Luo Clan were gathered
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Chapter 4 The Altering Muscle Sutra
Luo Yu was completely absent-minded along the way. Elder Luo Qing’s words echoed throughout his mind. His meridians were withered and he couldn’t cultivate!His meridians were withered, and he could not cultivate!Back in the courtyard, Nalan Fang looked at her son's pale face and asked, ""Yu'er, what's wrong? Why are you so pale?""“Mother, I’m fine!” Luo Yu shook his head. He didn’t want Nalan Fang to worry....""Is today's test not ideal?""Remembering that today was the day of the talent test, Nalan Fang could not help but ask, ""Please don't ask anymore. I won't have dinner tonight."" After that, Luo Yu went back to his room and closed the door. Looking at Luo Yu's abnormal behavior, Nalan Fang walked to the Luo Family square to see the result of the talent test today.Back in his room, Luo Yu couldn't help but think of the result of the test today. ""Hehe, can't I practice Ancient Martial Arts?""In his previous life, Luo Yu was a master at the 9th level of Acquired Realm. He knew
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Chapter 5 Acupuncturing the Meridians
""Phew...""Luo Yu let out a long breath. He had cultivated for countless years, and by the time the Altering Muscle Sutra was finished, it was already the morning of the next day.“The Altering Muscle Sutra really is worthy of being a peak secret art of the Shaolin Temple. It really is effective,” thought Luo Yu.As soon as it was completed, it was like a drop of sweet rain falling on the withered tree. Although the effect was not obvious now, Luo Yu believed that as long as this dead tree persisted, it would be brought back to life sooner or later, and its vitality would be stronger.At that time, everyone’s eyes would definitely light up.Only this process might take a long time, but Luo Yu didn’t care. He could wait, but he also had time to wait. He was only five years old now, so he wasn’t afraid of not having enough time. Would his cultivation speed be slow when his meridians recovered? As the saying goes, the best way to sharpen the blade is to cut wood.“Gurgle, gurgle.....
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Chapter 6 The Xuanyuan Real Mantra
Six years laterA handsome boy of about 12 years old with shoulder-length hair was practicing a set of strange fist techniques.“Star Plucking Substitution, Clawing Dazzling Wings, Three Plate Falling...”After Luo Yu finished practicing the set of external fist techniques of the Altering Muscle Sutra, he was out of breath and in a sweat.*bam bam bam bam*A crisp sound came from his entire body’s bone marrow. Luo Yu’s Altering Muscle Sutra had already been cultivated to the point where all his bones and tendonshad resonated!“Hahaha... it’s been six years. My damaged meridians have finally recovered!” Luo Yu’s eyes flashed with a bright light.It was said that Luo Hua, who was the best among his peers, had broken through to the 4th level of the Acquired Realm, but he could only cultivate the Altering Muscle Sutra and cultivate external martial arts to nourish his meridians. This kind of loneliness and suffering was not something that others could understand. The pain
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Chapter 7 Enemies Were Bound to Meet on a Narrow Road
It truly is a small world after all.Myriad Treasures Pavilion , which was located in Bailu Town, was the largest store that gathered weapons, herbs, ores, books about cultivation methods, and other elements. Even the guards at the gate were experts at the fifth level of the Acquired Realm. Their strength and background were unfathomable. The three major clans of Bailu Town did not dare to oppose them.“May I ask what you need?” After entering, a delicate and pretty young woman asked.“May I ask where your books about cultivation methods are?” asked Luo Yu.“On the third floor, Cultivation Technique Pavilion.”“Many thanks. Thank you!”Luo Yu came to the third floor alone. There were quite a few people choosing books about cultivation methods in Cultivation Technique Pavilion, and the Luo family also had a Cultivation Technique Pavilion. But because he was considered a good-for-nothing, Luo Yu didn’tn’t have the qualifications to go to a place like that, even if his father was Maste
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Chapter 8 Cultivation Technique Pavilion
""Qing'er, thank you. You helped me again,"" Luo Yu sincerely thanked her. Since he concluded that his meridians were withered and he could not cultivate in the Ancient Martial Arts, Qing'er was the only one among his peers who didn’t look at him with strange eyes and repeatedly helped her.""Nothing, I just happened topass by. You don't have to take it to heart."" Ching'er's face was slightly red and she was very cute.""By the way, Young Master, what are you doing here in the Cultivation Technique Pavilion?""""No matter what, thank you. To be honest, I'm here to select a martial skill,"" Luo Yu said honestly. She didn't want to hide anything from Qing'er.""Choosing a martial skill? Can you practice it now?"" Ching'er said in surprise.""Hee hee, that's great. Do madam and Master know??“No. I’ll tell them in a few days. I’m going to the Cultivation Technique Pavilion to pick out some martial skills.”""I'll go with you,"" Ching'er came over and held Luo Yu's hand generously. ""Hee hee, le
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Chapter 9 Hunt
Fierce Beast Mountain Range.Ancient, verdant trees stretched on endlessly. The cries of insects and the cries of beasts could be heard from time to time, crossing the entire Bailu Town and other regions nearby.An eleven or twelve year old teenager was tied to a giant tree. Both his hands and feet were wrapped with hundreds of jins of black iron bands as he stood at the base of the waterfall, more than ten meters high. His horse stance swayed unsteadily from the impact of the water curtain, but he still tried his best to maintain his stance and swing his fist at the rock wall.“ Three hundred and five, three hundred and six, three hundred and seven...” Luo Yu silently chanted in his heart as his fist slammed into the rock wall, creating a series of muffled sounds. Traces of blood flowed out from the ruptured calluses on his fist, but they were quickly washed away by the water.“Now’s.....” Luo Yu softly shouted. “Falling Rock Fist......” A punch carrying a force fiercely smash
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Chapter 10 Nangong Xin'er
After peeling off the wolf’s skin, Luo Yu continued to roam the forest.Thump... bam... bam...“En... there’s someone?” Luo Yu heard the sound of people fighting.Looking for the source of the voice, he saw three young men and women in their teens fighting with a wild ox-like beast that was covered in scales.That was the Scaled Bull Beast! A third level fierce beast! Under the encirclement of three people, it was heavily injured and panting heavily! It could not hold on much longer!“Sword Surges to the Southern Dipper!” The young lady shouted as she took advantage of the weakened Scaled Bull Beast to thrust her sword into its throat!Blood sprayed from the Scaled Bull Beast’s mouth as it lost its vitality.The three of them were exhausted to the point of sitting on the ground while gasping for breath, and Luo Yu gazed at the three of them in silence.The two youths looked at Luo Yu with vigilance in their eyes. After all, it was common for him to see a lot of killings and plu
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