The Suicidal Trio

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The Suicidal Trio

By: Author Latte Ongoing

Language: English

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ReincarnationCrimeSystemEmotionalhardshipslevel upLit-RPG

The Suicidal Trio consists of three teenagers, Levi, Even and Vince. They have all gone through intense trials and hardships in life. Suicide was the only solution they thought was to run away from their problems. But their fate suddenly changed instantly and woke up in a world that no one knew of their existence.

1 chapters
Chapter 01; Even's POV
Human life is like a climate change. Sometimes we are sad, sometimes happy, and sometimes we're afraid. However, all the emotions we feel has a reason and caused of. We all go through in different trials, and tired of this sucks kind of life.But, why do those who are already suffering must be suffered so much?“Miss! Another glass of beer here!” The man at table fourteen calls me. I immediately approached them and handed him the bottle of beer he was asking for. When I put the bottle on the table, I was suddenly startled when I felt his hand holding my thigh.“What are you doing?” I turned to him, then he grinned and winked at me as he crawled his hands up inside my skirt. “You're such a pervert!” I shouted, and then I grabbed his hand tightly and twisted it, causing him to scream in pain and fall on his seat. As a result, his companions stood up and looked at me in anger.“Even, what did you do to him?” Samara, my older sister who is a hostess here at the nightclub asked me, while I
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