Voice Of The Stars

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Voice Of The Stars

By: Blentkills Completed

Language: English

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From a young age she could hear the voice of the stars. Each time the stars spoke to her, they spoke of upcoming events. They were her best friend and helped her grow into the person she was - successful, loved, cheerful, independent. Always proving to be true, she trusted the stars for each word said. But one day, the stars tell her the world is going to end.

1 chapters
Voice of The Stars 
Voice of The Stars BlentkillsOn calm nights, the stars spoke to her.Clare loved the beautiful sparkles that filled the dark hollowness of the night. Since her birth, she would feel attracted to the sky and could stare at it for ages. Speaking to her colossal yet mute friend, the sky replied to her.“The sun will rise at 06:34 AM. The church won’t be on time and the first bell will ring a minute late. A glass filled with wine will be broken. An act of violence. Tears fall. Anger fuels anger. God’s wrath unfolds. At next dawn humanity is extinguished. Only you will remain.”Without even a thought of sleep, Clare waited before the church’s gate, her skin
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