My Lazy Reincarnation

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My Lazy Reincarnation

By: Peter-Kun Ongoing

Language: English

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The story revolves around a young man who just died with the cause of heart attack that has been reborn as an another creature. He found himself reincarnated as a turtle, which literally reflects his final death wish, to live solo in a house with everything he needs while being ultimately lazy and having little to no time outside. The story goes on as he travels this new mysterious world he's be transferred to, discovering and unraveling the secrets of the magical continent. Will he survive the world? Or die on his way?

1 chapters
P: "So it started like this""Thank you for your weather report, from our trusted weather sta-"[Television shuts.][Crackling noises.]"Bleh, what the heck is this?" I spit out the thing and nod my head to see the potato chips' expiration date."Gyah, that would explain why it tasted like that." I quickly threw the whole snack into the garbage bin.It's just today when I realized how messy my room was."I'm proud of being lazy, so you stay there." I pretended the mess was alive and spoke to it. You can pretty much tell how truly lazy I am."There's nothing more to do, I just finished the series I was watching, consumed the last snack I had, which was obviously expired, maxed out my level from the game I was grinding for weeks."Uh, I wanted to escape from this kind of life, but I don't want to stop from being lazy. It's my passion, laziness. You may say I'm broken to the core, to the point that my ideals were that messed up. And yes, I'm aware of that. I'm like this and I don't want
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